You Can't Be Prepared for Everything!

Crystal is a jack-of-all-trades from southern Georgia with certification in Early Childhood Development and years of experience in tutoring, teaching, writing, and carpentry among a wide variety of other things. When not coming up with new ways to enhance the effectiveness of her classes, she operates the privately owned feline sanctuary Country Kitty Paradise, which provides a permanent home for abandoned cats in rural areas. She loves drawing and everything related to cats.

Qkids has a wonderful platform where you can dive into a lesson and navigate the content without much familiarity with the lesson. However; I always like to be prepared. Join me as I share a crazy morning experience that proves you can't be prepared for everything.

For starters, it's wintertime and I live in Georgia, so I'm in the Eastern Time zone.

I always wake up every morning at 4:30 a.m. every day so I have plenty of time to review my classes and get my ducks in a row, like props, prompts, and pictures. Well, the moment after I completed looking at what we were going to learn today, my smoke detector started going off in my office! Not the blaring emergency sound, but the annoying beep that occurs every two minutes because the battery is almost depleted. 
Our smoke detectors operate on a circuit, if one goes completely dead, then all of them will start making a different sound to warn us that one room is not secured. It's a great safety feature, but it was happening at the most inopportune moment. It can't go ignored, so I had to fix it! However; there was a slight issue.....
I am 5'7"........ we have 9' ceilings.

With the clock ticking, I had to act fast because I couldn't very well have a smoke alarm beeping every two minutes in class.

The first thing I did was search around for a replacement battery since it's always best to have your materials on hand. I checked the cabinet where we keep all the batteries and I could find every single type except the square ones that smoke alarms required. I scoured around from room to room in search of a battery while racing against the clock. My heart was pounding as it seemed the minute hand was speeding up. I managed to find a handful of batteries in one of the bedrooms, but they were all loose in a drawer and I had no idea if any of them worked.

Well, only one way to find out!

Next was the obstacle of reaching the thing. I raced outside in 20`F / -6`C whether to fetch the ladder! Now see, my office is on one side of the house and the backdoor is on the other side, no shortcuts. So I jumped over a dozen cats, ran out into the darkness that was only illuminated by Christmas lights, and carried the freezing metal ladder back inside.

The fun part is just beginning!

We are now 13 minutes until the first class begins and the other alarms are starting to beep in a chorus of annoying ear-popping chirps. I climbed the ladder and began changing the batteries one at a time, waiting 10 seconds after each in the hopes that one of them would make it stop beeping. Unfortunately, it never stopped! As I climbed down to look for another battery, I slipped on the bottom step and fell on the floor with a BOOM!

Luckily, I am experienced when it comes to falling, so I didn't hurt myself too much.
As I collected myself, I realized the beeping had stopped, not just in my office, but throughout the house. It was then that I looked in my hand to see that I had ripped the smoke alarm off the ceiling!

Without it being on the circuit and with no battery inside it, it no longer sounded the alert and was unable to transmit the problem to the others. I looked at the clock and noticed it was 7 minutes until class time, so I quickly pushed the ladder out of my camera's view, threw the smoke alarm on the sofa, and jumped in my office chair to greet my eager-to-learn students whom always come to class early. Their smiling faces turned the arduous trials of the morning into a really pleasant greeting to the day.

The moral of the story is to make sure you always have an assortment of batteries, especially ones that fit smoke detectors. And also, always be careful when you are climbing a metal ladder that is covered with ice.

A child's smile can brighten up any dreary time, especially the wonderful students of Qkids that love learning! If you want an all-natural way to start your day in a positive way, then join up with Qkids here Qkids - Register with this special code ANMOIN and let their smiles be your coffee!

Have a wonderful day and happy teaching!
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