Striving for Improvement

Hello, all Qkids teachers and friends! My name is Teacher Alissa. I’m an online ESL teacher in a small town in Canada. My passions include cuddling my kitty, learning about languages and cultures, and playing board games with my husband. I have been a teacher with Qkids for over a year now and I really enjoy it! I have taught over 1000 classes since I first started in July 2018 and have received over 1300 likes. The staff, the students, and lesson plans are all wonderful and I couldn't have asked for more!

Striving for Improvement

Helmut Schmidt once said, “the biggest room in the world is room for improvement.” When it comes to teaching the Qkiddos, the saying could not be truer. Looking back, am I the same teacher as I was one year ago? Not at all, from when I first started there was only one direction to go - up! I’m sure other teachers will agree also. But how so? Today I will be going over different ways on how to constantly improve your teaching, and how it has helped me personally.

Practice Makes Perfect

We have all heard how practice makes perfect and in this case, it works. As you keep practicing the lessons over time you get more comfortable with the material, how to effectively use features in the classroom (such as the text, marker, and spotlight feature), and the big one timing. When I first started, I found it helpful to even enter the classroom the night before just to get an idea of how to expand when needed. Also practicing has helped me keep an eye out on timing and how long to spend on each slide. Personally, if a classroom has about 15-18 slides, I would spend about 2 minutes on each slide (each classroom and teacher is different too).

Eyes on the Platform

Qkids has a wonderful platform that has many resources and tools to help their teachers always strive to do their best. There is a whole section dedicated to resources to help teachers get a better understanding of what is expected of them, and how different activities in classrooms work (recently a whole section was released on how different games in classrooms work and how they look on both the student and teacher apps - check it out if you haven’t). There are also student book downloads to look at before a lesson to get an idea of what the class will look like. Also through the Qkids app, you can connect with your lovely coach, sometimes they will offer suggestions on how to improve, or feel free to ask them yourselves. My first 6 months I didn’t realize that I was looking down a lot until my coach mentioned something to me, we worked together on that, and I truly understand the importance of eye contact.

Staying Connected

The internet is a wonderful place and besides the classrooms and app, Qkids and teachers take full advantage of that. There are blogs, Facebook groups, Instagram accounts, youtube channels, where other Qkids teachers can connect with each other. There are so many benefits to these! If you have a question, need some ideas or suggestions, or even share funny stories - the other Qkids teachers will always be there for you. Even just scrolling or surfing around here can help teachers with different ideas. For example, there are lots of background ideas on the Facebook groups, and personally, I have found tips on how to improve my morning routine before work, and how to stay engaged with my students using more forms of TPR.

Teachers, you each make such an impact in the Qkiddos lives, and you’re all doing wonderful work! Remember to reach for the stars by striving for improvement. It’s something that we are all working on together!

I hope you found this helpful to make your teaching world better with Qkids! And if you’re thinking of joining the Qkids family, check out their website by clicking here: My referral code is UVJDTJ!

Happy teaching!

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