Obtaining an Accredited, Online Tesol/ Tefl Certificate

Do I Need to Have a Tesol/Tefl Certificate?

If you are working as an independent contractor with online education companies based in China in 2020, teaching qualifications and credentials are a must.

If you are unable to provide a BA in Education (specifically) or a traditional teaching license, it is necessary to provide proof of enrollment in/completion of an accredited 120 hour TESOL/TEFL certificate.

In 2019, Qkids advised all teachers to obtain a certificate and will implement the requirement in 2020. If you do not have your TESOL/TEFL certificate yet, we urge you to act fast to get one!

If I Choose to Get a Certificate **Online**, Is There a Specific Program I Should Complete?

The program MUST offer the following:
** Must allow you to earn a 120 hour accredited certificate
** Needs a publicly printed statement on accreditation
It is PREFERRED that the program also offer:
** Your online certificate will give you a verification number

So Where Should You Look?

Our top two favorite picks are International Open Academy or Coursera--Teach English Now! Open Academy is affordable, time-efficient, thorough and meets compliance needs. Coursera--Teach English Now is affordable, strongly backed by Arizona State University, and time-efficient for a program that mixes virtual and traditional methods.  

Below is a list of other certificates that our teachers have researched and sent in accreditation proof for:
  • American TESOL
  • BridgeTEFL
  • Cambridge English
  • Global English
  • Global Language Training
  • INTESOL Worldwide
  • International Open Academy
  • International TEFL Academy
  • International TEFL Training
  • International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT)
  • Learn TEFL
  • Love TEFL
  • Oxford Seminars
  • Premier TEFL
  • TEFL Pros
  • UniPrep Institute

FAQ: Should I get a TESOL/TEFL Certificate online or thru a university?

At this point, either option will meet current compliance needs. So really, the option between studying to earn a certificate online or thru a university is a matter of personal preference, feasibility, and long-term goals.
With an online TESOL/TEFL certificate program, some advantages include that you can learn at your own pace, find inexpensive options, and be in control of the total time it takes.  

With a university-based certificate, some advantages include learning under professionals, practical on-site teaching experience and access to opportunities specific to university programs (e.g. collaborative learning, networking, etc)  

To be an online independent contractor, you may find that a BA and TESOL/TEFL will be required going into the foreseeable future. If you are hoping to branch out into other educational settings, you may find a university certificate better suits your long-term career and economic goals.

FAQ: What is the difference between a TESOL and TEFL degree?

When it comes to teaching languages, there is an alphabet soup of terms you will see and hear which reflect the intricacies of how language learning is researched, funded, and debated.

TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) are two of the most commonly used acronyms. The main difference between these two is reflected in the definitions used in research. For TESOL, it is assumed that language learners will learn a second, third or another language in an immersive environment, specifically using and acquiring the language thru many hours of exposure or for daily living. In the case of TEFL, it is assumed that the learning will pick up some of the language for vacation, enrichment, or otherwise with limited hours of practice and exposure.  

In terms of online certificates, whether it is listed as “TESOL” or “TEFL”, both will touch on similar themes to build a foundation and knowledge base for future classroom practice. At Qkids, teachers see students who live and learn under both conditions-- (a) Ss who have lots of exposure and applications and (b) Ss who have limited exposure and chances to practice. Qkids teachers should be ready to consider the needs of both populations. For these reasons, TESOL and TEFL are equally satisfactory for the compliance requirement.  

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