Noise in the Classroom

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Noise in the Classroom

There can be a lot of distracting noise in the online classroom. It’s a roll of the dice every morning you log on to teach! You may get a perfect classroom where all students are quiet and respond to you with haste or, more likely, you’ll have one or two rowdy boys and girls. These kiddos sometimes shout the wrong answers over the students who are practicing the correct ones, or they may even begin crinkling bags into the mic! Who knows? There are also other types of noise you may have encountered in the classroom: static noise, an echo, or background noise. Don’t worry, though! There are a few ways to teach your best class, every class.

Disruptive Students

The main, and most common, noise complaint is disruptive students. Usually, these students aren’t intentionally acting out and may just be speaking to a sibling or being over-zealous. Regardless of your students seems set on getting under your nerves or if they can’t help but have some extra fun, you have a few options: mute them the entire lesson and only allow them time to speak during their turn in games or practice, lower their volume, or continuously mute and unmute as the noise level rises. These same suggestions can be used towards all noise issues!

Static Noise

Static Noise occurs when electronic devices are not fully compatible; as in, their frequencies are clashing. This problem occurs typically when a cellphone or tablet is close to their computer. The electronic devices seem to battle each other as the connection continues. If your student has static noise, you can mediate the issue by leaving him or her muted unless it’s their turn in a 1v1.


Most teachers agree that having an echo is very distracting. Unlike static noise that occurs due to the equipment a student has, an echo is heard from either a delayed connection or the student not using earphones. If the student is not wearing earphones, each time you talk, it’s being resounded back from their speaker into the mic! Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to fix this besides keeping that student muted in the class. I typically mute, and the unmute, myself as I speak when we are practicing 1v1.

Background Noise

Our students are young! That means they’re going to have family around them during each lesson; for older students, they are given their time alone for their English lessons. For younger students, you can bet that they’ll have mom, or even dad, sitting close by. This may seem daunting but it’s very helpful: mom or dad will correct the student and guide them through the lesson to where you aren’t having to do the “teeth-pulling”. With that being said, it would make for a bad experience if all the students had to hear Elsa’s mom repeat the teacher and then proceed to demand Elsa to respond! For these scenarios, it’s best if you act quickly. Keep Elsa muted throughout the lesson as little as possible. When you get her on the board for a 1v1, mute all as you say the phrase, wait just a few moments, and then unmute her. If you time it right, you’ll have blocked out her mom’s eager answer and will be able to hear Elsa.
If you can’t hear a student at all, make sure to click “No Sound” and send a quick message to CCT about it. Overall, excess noise in the classroom is inevitable! Whether it’s an echo, static noise, disruptive students, or background noise where parents are talking, you’ll need to be proactive in the entire lesson to make sure each student is able to get the best experience in the online English classroom. Don’t be afraid to lower all students’ volumes, lower only a specific student, or mute students here and there when necessary. As always, enjoy each class as they’re all different!

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