New Year, New You – How Becoming an Online English Teacher Can Change Everything!

Hello everyone! Teacher Megan is what they call me around here, for the past 3 years I have been working as an online English teacher. Between classes, you can find me with my nose in a book or baking as many cookies as my oven can fit!

New Year, New You – How Becoming an Online English Teacher Can Change Everything!

For me, it all started one snowy January. I had just returned from a trip abroad and I was about to jump back into my normal daily routine. As I planned out that first week home and everything I needed to do, a sudden realization hit me. I hated my schedule! I was dreading starting my routine back up again! I was exhausted just thinking about my first week back to work. I knew right then, that I needed a change -and the sooner the better. With the New Year starting, I was determined to make some adjustments and to create a fresh start.
At that point, I started doing some digging on the internet about online English-teaching companies. 

That Search Led Me to Where I Am Today!

How did that decision on one snowy January day change my life? There are many different ways, but here are just some of them!

1. My Job Fits My Lifestyle

I didn’t just want to change my job; I wanted to revamp my schedule to be more suited to my needs and lifestyle. In the past, I had always wanted to be a morning person- but I hated getting up early! When I became an online teacher, I was forced to wake up early for class. Because of this, I got into the habit of accomplishing much more, much earlier in the day! For me, this was a great change. It also left me with more free time later in the day to pursue more healthy lifestyle choices, as well as other things that are important to me.

2.    I Stopped Saying “No” to the Things That Matter

My old job had created a lot of restrictions around my life that I had previously just accepted. Teaching online changed all of that! I was able to travel without asking for time off, so I never needed to worry about getting a measly 2-week vacation allowance and then getting denied my weeks of choice! Also, since my days were more open, I had the freedom to do things during the day, on the days that were most convenient for me. Now, I was able to say “yes” to so many things that my old job would have made impossible!

3. My Stress Level Decreased

Do you enjoy dealing with irate customers, driving long commutes, or meeting stressful deadlines? Those were all a big part of my life until I started working from home. Thanks to my online job, I was able to change my second job as well to one that was closer to home, and also more flexible with fewer hours.

After my first few weeks, I noticed that how I felt after a day of work had changed as well!
After a morning of teaching classes, instead of feeling frustrated and exhausted, I feel happy and pumped up from interacting with my students. Instead of having work horror stories, I have the cutest experiences from teaching lively and adorable students. For me, teaching online absolutely reduced the stress in my life, and that was a huge relief!

Well, it is January again. Another year of English teaching has gone by for me. As you plan out the next twelve months, maybe you can give online English teaching a try and see how it can create changes and opportunities in your life! 

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