Momo And Koby On The Road: Teaching While Traveling

My name is Tiffany and I am an online ESL teacher for Qkids. I have people ask me all the time why I teach when I am on vacation. My response, “Why not?” Since teaching with Qkids I have gone on more vacations than I did with any other job in the past. Let me explain to you why teaching while on vacation may be the perfect travel companion and take away some stress.

Work and Fun

Yesterday I taught all four morning classes. After I finished teaching, I did yoga, showered, curled my hair, did my makeup, and got ready for the day. I did all of this before 8:30 AM. My husband woke up at 8:00 AM and fed our dogs. We took our dogs for a walk before going to get coffee and breakfast together. After breakfast, we went and visited a zoo, an art gallery, and tried a bakery. We then spent some time with family, went sightseeing, had lunch, relaxed, and saw a movie. It was a great day and it began with teaching for Qkids.

I will admit that on vacation I always do my hair and makeup every single day. I know that I will be in photos and it is a memorable time. It used to be a rush to get ready and my husband would be waiting for me. Teaching gets me up early. Even on the days I don’t teach, my body naturally wakes up. I feel more energized and ready to start my day. It allows me the opportunity to see more things while traveling because I can maximize my time. I think my husband also enjoys not having to wait for me anymore.

Freeing up more time means more fun activities. More fun activities can also mean spending more money. Vacation and traveling can be expensive. I try to find affordable options when traveling but it costs money. I used to stress when I was on vacation about the cost of things. I was constantly adding up every dollar as I was spending it. When I am working on vacation it takes some of that stress away. I know I am still making money while I am gone. I don’t feel as bad splurging on that extra cup of coffee at the local café. I stress less and enjoy myself.

Where Can I Teach From?

Almost anywhere. It must be in the US or Canada. I have taught in an Airbnb, relative and friends’ homes, and hotels. I stay in an Airbnb more than hotels because I travel with my two dogs. When searching I always make sure they have internet available. I will message before booking to make sure that the router is accessible. Most people are very accommodating. Hotels can be a little trickier but can still work. I have taught in the business center in one hotel and in a room. Relatives and friends are usually easier to talk to and are willing to accommodate. I always make sure that I am conscious of my volume as to not disturb my neighbors or friends and family.

My Background Is Afraid of Flying

During my first teaching while traveling experience I thought I had to replicate my same home teaching space somewhere else. I am here to let you in on a little secret, you don’t! Hotels, an Airbnb, friends, and family all usually have something that makes a wonderful background. I have had a shower curtain for a background, a hotel painting, a shelf with a globe and plant, and a kid’s playroom décor. When I look for an Airbnb, I will look at the pictures and see if there is something that may make an amazing and fun background. Don’t overthink and have fun. It also gives you the opportunity to get new inspiration for new background ideas for the future. For longer trips, I have taken a trifold board that was small and folded up but I prefer to use what is available.

How Many Suitcases Do I Need?

On my first road trip, I was sure there would not be enough room for everything. I have learned through trial and error. I even packed up my whole desktop computer. I now fit everything in a reusable cloth shopping bag, including my laptop and charger. Here is my list of items that go with me:
  • 100-foot Ethernet cord
  • Selfie ring light
  • Headset with microphone
  • Mouse and mouse pad
  • Happy face
  • Unicorn chapstick
  • Shark
  • Car
  • Clown's nose
  • Party blower
  • Microphone

I have a 100-foot ethernet cord because I never know how far away from the router I will be where I am teaching. It has been a good investment. I once had to run it up a set of stairs from a basement. I don’t use props in class much. I teach all levels, including phonics and uppers. I teach mostly upper levels but if I have a standby convert to phonics I am prepared with some fun props.

Tips and Tricks

Within an hour of arriving I find the perfect location to teach. I consider lighting when setting up. Even though I use a ring light, natural like can impact a lot from day to night. If I arrive in the day, I think about how much darker it could be when there is no light when I am teaching. I then set up. I run a speed test then sign on to the portal to do a network test and make sure everything looks good. This is where that amazing Qkids cancellation policy comes in. If anything is wrong that amazing cancellation policy is there so you don’t have to stress about it. Luckily, I haven’t had to cancel because something has not worked while traveling. The best advice I have is to make sure you set up early so you know that everything is working, and you can enjoy yourself.

Sometimes you do need a break completely. We all do as humans. I have taken time off and not worked. Everyone is different. It is finding that balance that works for you. With Qkids being so flexible I think that is what makes it such an amazing company. If you have any questions about teaching while on vacation contact me. If you want to start teaching with Qkids I would be more than happy to mentor you. Happy travels and teaching.

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