35 Strange Things You Start Doing as a Qkids Teacher

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35 Strange Things You Start Doing as a Qkids Teacher

As we gear up for the Winter Rush I want to go over a few things that you MAY start doing as a Qkids teacher.

When you become a Qkids teacher you MAY

1. …. Start keeping red lipstick next to your computer! Why? Because red lipstick is the bomb!
2. …. Start having a thumbs-up for EVERY positive reaction in your life. It becomes second nature and you’ll notice other people will start doing it too!
3. …. Buy a Keurig and/or Nespresso and keep it at your desk.   
4. …. Suddenly have a song for EVERY occasion.
5. …. Talk about China all the time outside of your class!
6. …. Start calling your own kids hotdog or hamburger.
7. …. Have a token classroom pet.
8. …. Talk about Koby and Momo during your time outside of class.
9. …. Randomly ask people how old they are.
10. …. Accidentally call Koby and Momo = Moby.  
11. …. Invest in Amazon Prime.
12. …. Hit up the dollar store more than you care to admit.
13. …. Start telling people when you get tongue-tied: "I promise I teach English".
14. …. Start to envy how responsible Momo is!
15. …. Take midday naps and not feel guilty about it.
16. …. Have Koby and Momo gear, shirts, sweatshirts, and teddies!
17. …. Sing a little tune you made up during your transition slides… just me?
18. ….. Ask people how the weather is over there today.
19. ….. See Momo and Koby suddenly everywhere.
20. …. Start to learn Chinese because Hoi has some amazing videos.
21. …. Give yourself a bedtime.
22. …. See stickers in everything.
23. …. Decorate the welcome screen while waiting on students.
24. …. Dance to no music.
25. …. Fall in love with your classes and students.
26. …. Enjoy being a morning person.
27. …. Have your alarm set 10 minutes before class.
28. …. Keep a record number of hair ties.
29. …. Start being OK wearing PJ bottoms to work.
30. …. Laugh more.
31. …. Start collecting puppets.
32. …. Use your kid's toys as props during class.
33. …. Smile more.
34. ….. Dance more.
35. ….. Feel more free to enjoy the little things.

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