Winter Morning Survival Hacks for Online Teachers!

Hello! My students call me Teacher Megan, and I have been a part of the online teaching world for about three years now! My home is just outside of New York City, so you can bet that the winters here get cold, dark and snowy. That’s why I am a huge fan of all things cozy – like hot caffeinated drinks, reading, and every big soft blanket I can find!

Winter Morning Survival Hacks for Online Teachers!

If you have been teaching English online, or have thought about becoming an online English teacher, then I am sure that you know about the many amazing perks to this line of work!
As a self-proclaimed introvert, one of my personal favorite aspects of this job is the ability to work from home. Especially as the cold New York winter descends on us, I am grateful that I don’t need to shovel out my car for a snowy commute to the office.
But in the spirit of honesty, I must admit- waking up early when it’s cold and dark is not easy! To top it off, right around this time, we begin our classes an hour earlier due to Daylight Savings.

The good news is that I have found some survival techniques to help all of us through these dark (hehe) times.

Treat Yourself

I love my students, and I love my job. But some days, I need a little extra motivation to leave a warm cozy bed!
I like to pre-make (or at least pre-plan) a nice before-class snack. It’s a bit too early for me to enjoy a full breakfast, but I will make something that is a nice treat to look forward to.
One of my go-to favorites is apples and peanut butter. I have a mostly sugar-free diet, but I let myself have a little sugar in the morning. With that to look forward to, I get a little motivation boost to get up. I’ve also noticed that this helps me to be in a great mood for class!
Of course, some people just can’t stomach food that early in the morning. If that’s the case for you, try jazzing up your coffee or tea to make it a little extra special! When your body is used to a little reward for getting up early, it won’t mind so much!

Have a Great Night Routine

As with most things, a little preparation goes such a long way.
After Daylight Savings Time begins, I start to focus a little more on my night routine. I also start getting ready for bed a little earlier since I will be getting up earlier in the morning!
Personally, I have found it helpful to move my productive time to the late morning and early afternoon. This is more practical for me because I start running out of steam a little earlier when I have such an early start to my day.

When it’s time to wind down, some of my favorite evening habits include laying out my clothes for the morning, unwinding by reading an amazing book and having a little check-list ready for the next day. When I stick to this routine, I wake up well-rested and ready to go! I have found a lot of great tips for fall and winter evening routines on YouTube- that’s a great place to look if you need some inspiration.

Treat Yourself (AGAIN)

Okay okay, so maybe it’s just me, but my brain works better when it knows there is something to look forward to coming up!
I am often at least a little sleepy throughout the morning, but I have given myself another positive thing to look forward to after my classes are finished.
Between this trick and the wonderful students that I teach, I am able to have a big smile on my face from my very first class of the day right through my last class of the morning!
What are my after-class pick-me-ups?
I love to take a good nap, read while I savor my coffee, make myself a nice brunch, or go for a brisk walk.
None of my little tricks have turned me into a morning person (I’d rather sleep in late any day), but they have definitely made each step of my morning routine more enjoyable!

I hope that these ideas will help you to have a successful and enjoyable teaching experience this winter! Stay cozy!

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