Top 8 Funny Moments with Qkids

Hello. I'm Melissa, but you can call me "Teacher Mae." Mae is my middle name, and I like to use it while teaching because the name is also used in China. Students have no problem saying it! Speaking of students, sometimes they can be so witty and entertaining. From the chatterbox to the sarcastic, Qkiddos never fail to keep us laughing. Check out my top 8 favorite and funny Qkids moments that you can no doubt relate to if you have the privilege of teaching these amazing Qkids students. 

8. That Time I Played Plants VS. Zombies on Qkids

It is well known that a handful of our students love playing video games. When I get these gamer kiddos, I always make sure to ask them about the games they play. In one of my classes, a little boy kept saying he loved "PVZ" video games. It sounded high tech to me. Bewildered, I said
"What? That sounds too smart for me. What is PVZ is that game coding? DO YOU DO GAME CODING?" He said, "No teacher. Its Plants and Zombies."
Omg! I have beaten that game twice, and I love it. It was on after that! We used so many stickers. We “battled” after every slide. He became the zombie. I was shooting bananas at him through a cactus. He became a powerful football player zombie after grabbing his bike helmet, so I had to double up with some watermelon-shooting roses! He did not want to log out. This was certainly one of my most memorable moments! What a blast!

7. Those Times I Feel Nostalgic for a T.V Show

This is a moment I get often. Oh, I do love it when I get a Jerry. I love to cheer "the Jerries" during the games. "JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!" They never have a clue of the reference, and I'm just making myself laugh. If you are not American, you might not be familiar with Jerry Springer. Is Jerry Springer still a thing? Anyway, he is a talk show host. His guests often get into live brawls. The entire audience then yells, "JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!" Oh. Is my age showing? Well, I digress. I love it when I get a Jerry for this reason. I can nostalgically cheer them on. It keeps me entertained.

6. That Time Two Moms Teamed Up Together

Sometimes, it isn’t just the Qkids students who have us laughing. One day, two moms teamed up to support each other. It was both a funny and a heartwarming moment.

Me: "Tom why don't you like the caterpillar?"
Tom’s Mom: *whispers something*.
Mom laughs.
Me: ....
ME: “Fiona why do you like the butterfly?"
Fiona: *THINKS*
Fiona’s mom: *whispers for a long time*
Fiona: "Because it is so beautiful like mom and (looks at mom) *pauses* shouts AND LIKE TOM MOM
*Mom laughs*
*Other mom laughs*
I guess the other mom picked it up that the first mom whispered to her son.
#girlpower. They totally teamed up.

5. That Time a Kid Thought I Had a Robot

Koala: Teacher, can I ask you a question?
Me: Sure. What is it, Koala?
Koala: Do you have a robot in your house?
Me: A robot! No. I wish. Americans are NOT that advanced. Why do you think I have a robot in my house?
Koala: I can hear a robot. It goes “Vrrrrrrrrrr.”
Me: Oh! Haha. No. They are mowing the lawn outside.
Koala: huh?
Me: Cutting the grass
Koala: Ohhhh. “Cutting the glass".
Me: “Grass.” “Grrr” “Grass.”
Koala: Glass.
Me: It’s okay. It is not in your lesson for today.
Koala: I can say “Robot.”
Me: That works! Good job!

4. Toilet Breaks

I have another mom's moment for you. Do you occasionally have to log onto a class and then run to the restroom as fast as you can before rushing back to greet your students? It doesn’t happen to me often, but when it does, an emergency is an emergency! One day I did just this, and as I sat back down I heard a mom:

Mom: Teacher. Knock, knock
Other Mom: Trick or Treat! Knock, knock.

It wasn’t anywhere close to Halloween. This made my day. I laughed as I told them I was back. Now we know where our students get their sense of humor from!

3. That Time I Tried to Teach the Babies "Rock, Paper, Scissors."

Me: Rock, paper scissors.
Girl: Rock, table, scissors.
Me: rock PAPER scissors
Girl: Rock I have scissors.
Me: Rock paper scissors
Girl: Ok. Here are scissors.
Why do we teach L1's this game?  

2. That Time a Student Could Not Stop Talking

I had a very talkative girl in my level 8 class this morning. Here are a few things she said that had me rolling.
"Teacher, are those Qkids cards?"
"I can make some for you because I want to make more friends for Momo"
"Teacher, it is my mom's birthday today!"
"Oh! Tell her I said Happy Birthday!"
"But she does not know you"
"Teacher, sometimes teachers in Qkids make me laugh but sometimes I want to go to sleep."
"Oh, really? Well, I hope I do not put you to sleep"
"Maybe not. Do you know any jokes?"
"Teacher let me tell you about the princess and the pea. She was the princess and the pea, and one boy said WHAT DID YOU PEE? And she said NO NOT THAT KIND OF P!"
"Teacher is Qkids in China or America?"
"They have four locations in China"
"Why you say location?"
"Like places"
"I know but why not just say places?"
"Teacher I have not had this kind of rice (in the lesson). I think it is a made-up rice."
"You do not have Golden Rice in China?"
"If I make it golden but we do not have that name"

1. “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t!”

Now, for the number 1 Qkids moment. Do you ever have that shy child who covers their camera every time they are on stage? I know I do. In this class, we all made this student feel welcome by making a game out of it!

We had fun at the leaderboard one class.  
Jerry hated being on stage.
Jack: Teacher, Jerry puts his finger on the camera.
Me: Ha-ha. Yes. Like this "Now you see me, now you don't."
Kids: Hahaha

*They all do it*

Me: OR if you are talking to a baby "Peek a boo!"
Kids: Peek a boo!!! Bahahaha 

I love all my Qkiddos. There is not one class alike; some classes I will never forget. Happy teaching, teachers. 

By: Melissa Sweeney (Teacher Mae)

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