Teaching Can be Fun!

Hello, My name is Kristina. On my birthday last month, I reached 1000 classes with Qkids! I found Qkids in February of 2019.  I have 10 years of experience in teaching in a traditional classroom. Honestly, my passion and zest for teaching were exhausted.  After I had my children, I found the most important students. I realized I had no desire to return to the bureaucracy of the education system. Then I found Qkids, and my love for teaching restored. I found a place where teaching could be fun again!!!

Students Are Number One!

The students are really the greatest thing about being a Qkids teacher. Waking up at 4 AM isn't fun, but when I have my cup of coffee and log in, that's when the fun begins. I sincerely try to reach each student at the beginning of class. With only a few minutes to draw them in, I like to focus on making a connection with each student. This can motivate them and get them engaged before class even begins. I like to keep a big smile on my face.

You Can Set The Mood!

Sometimes, despite my mood or anything else I might be distracted by in my personal life, that smile puts me in a better state of mind and helps me focus on having fun and teaching class. Smiles are like yawns, infectious. Most of the time that smile will spread to the students and that's when the fun begins.  Keeping that smile on my face, I ask simple questions to give them some confidence before the class begins. I do my best to show that I am intently interested in their responses, so I can get a feel for how to make our interactions personal. 

For example, If a student seems quiet and shy, I use a soft voice. I do my best to continue trying to reach students in this manner throughout the class. I want them to have fun because many of them have had a full day. They've been in school all day, done their homework and now they have another class. So having fun with them is a great way to capture their attention, keep them motivated and possibly make their day!

A Monster in My Class

Recently, I had a funny experience during class. The last student that I pulled up for introductions, was wearing a silly hood that looked like a monster.  Since students often choose an English name, thank goodness, occasionally it's not a traditional name. One day, there was a student that had chosen a particularly fun name. When I said, "Hello, what's your name?"  His response was quite loud and funny.  With a big smile on his face, he growled, "My name is MONSTER!" and the fun began.

Making a Connection

I matched his spirit. I cowered in fear and had fun playing along with his game. Each time we had an individual interaction in class, I maintained our game... He would growl the answer, I would act scared. I would growl back at him with feedback and encouragement. It made it personal. It made it funny, and funny is fun. He was enjoying himself and learning.  It was like a joke just between us. Even now, as I recall that class, I have a smile on my face. It's really amazing to think that even though we were on different sides of the world, during those few minutes, we made a connection.

Sometimes, when we have a rough class, it’s nice to think back on the moments that bring a smile to our faces.  I truly hope you find a monster in your class to have fun with!!

Yours Truly,

Teacher Kristina

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