How to Boost Your Online Teacher Referrals!

Hello, fellow online teachers! Around here I am known as Teacher Megan, and I have been part of the online teaching world for about three years now. My favorite past-times outside of the classroom include re-reading Jane Austen novels hundreds of times, getting snowed in and baking way too many cookies, and exploring new places with friends.

How to Boost Your Online Teacher Referrals!

When I was searching for an online teaching job for the first time, I had no idea what an important role referrals have in an online teacher’s career! In fact- I had no idea what referrals or referral codes were. As soon as I figured it out, I was in love with the idea. Tell people about the job that I love doing, and get paid for it? I was already telling everyone that would listen! So this was a no-brainer.
Referrals can bring in a lovely revenue stream! But how do you reach the people that need to hear about online jobs and boost your monthly referrals? Let’s talk about some different tried-and-true ways!

The First Thing that You Can Do Is Simply Love Your Job!

This part is easy if your company is a great one! I happen to work for Qkids and I am always talking about how I love my job and the cute things that my students do during class. Because the company is so wonderful I have no problem singing their praises. When you have a positive attitude about your job, friends and family will come to you with more questions. Your job sounds great! So they will ask you – what company do you work for? How can I get a job there?

Little Preparation Goes a Long Way

At this point, a little preparation goes a long way. Personally, I have a go-to email prepared on my computer that I can send to people who ask me about applying to Qkids. This email answers a few commonly asked questions, and it has a little advice on how to prepare for an interview. At the end of the email, I make sure to add my referral code. And boom! I'm ready for any takers!

Social Media

But don’t limit yourself to the people in your friend circles. Get yourself referrals by using social media!
I have decided not to use my personal online accounts but instead to create work-themed accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. On these accounts, I make sure my referral code is easy to find. I also let it be known that I am more than happy to answer any questions for potential teachers out there!

People Buy from People

But I don’t just focus on advertising the company, I share little glimpses of my life and schedule as an online teacher. I find that it is helpful to those who would like to know what it is like to teach online, and honestly, it’s just plain fun!

If you are looking for an online teaching company to work for, I highly recommend having a look at their referral policy! Make sure that it is fair and that they don’t set overly complicated or unachievable guidelines that make it impossible for you to get a referral reward. And since you are going through all of the trouble to spread the word, be sure the referral reward is worth the effort!  
Qkids has a great referral policy that is both simple and fair for teachers.

If you’d like to become a teacher there, you guessed it J,

here’s my referral code below:

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