Timing Tips for New Teachers!

Hello! My name is Katie (aka Teacher Katie) and I have been with Qkids since January 2018. Aside from teaching, I also help guide new and prospective Qkids teachers throughout their online teaching journey. I love to share my adventures with teaching, traveling, and my family through Instagram and YouTube!

As a teacher, I love to help others! I receive messages and questions from new teachers just as often as I hear from prospective applicants, and I am happy to meet every single one of them! One of the most common questions from new teachers is about time management with Qkids lessons. Time management is probably the trickiest skill for new teachers to grasp. In 30 minutes our goal is to lead students through approximately 10-14 slides. Add in other factors, like working with multiple students in a new interactive program, and time management can seem overwhelming. Read along for some helpful timing tips!

Tip #1 Review lessons beforehand

Let me be honest: I did not pick up time management very easily in my trial classes. I found myself constantly worried about time and rarely reaching the leaderboard when I should have. So, for the first several weeks of teaching with Qkids, I set aside time to review my scheduled lessons. I even created a time-keeping sheet for each lesson!

*Keep in mind: If a scheduled class is vacant, it may be changed to a different lesson. Be prepared to review again and practice the following tips if this happens.

Tip #2 Spend approximately 2 - 3 minutes per slide

Most lessons have about 10 slides of learning material. There is also typically an introduction, quiz, and summary slide. These are designed to be quick slides. I spend about 1 minute on each, making them short-and-sweet! For the learning material, spend approximately 2 - 3 minutes per slide and you'll find yourself hitting the leaderboard right around that 28-minute mark!

*Some lessons have more or less than 10 learning slides. Adjust as needed! These lessons should be paced accordingly. Reviewing lessons ahead of time can help you prepare!

Tip #3 Adjust when necessary

“Oh no! I’m only 18 minutes into a lesson and there’s only one slide left!” Yes, this has happened to me and it has happened to other teachers as well. What should you do when you’re moving too quickly through a lesson?

First, go back and review the material. Choose one or two slides to review with your student(s) and work on things like pronunciation. Next, you can elaborate on the material depending upon your student(s) ability level. This can be building sentences with the new vocabulary, adding details (like color, size, location), and asking questions about your students concerning the material. Or, you can play another fun Qkids game! Then, once the time is right, go straight to the quiz and end the class as usual.

Tip #4 Biggest tip of all: Practice, practice, practice!

Remember that time management is a skill that needs to be practiced. The more you teach, the easier it will come to you!

Finally, feel free to reach out with questions. I am here to help! Have fun and happy teaching!!


Teacher Katie

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