How Did Qkids Help You Take a Leap?

Hello, my name is Tiffany. I can be found mostly around ESL communities bragging about Qkids and my desperate need for Coffee in IV form. I like to sing and dance. I homeschool my 3 kiddos and have a zoo! Really we just have a lot of pets, but close enough.
I wanted to write about the BIGGEST impact Qkids has made on my and my family’s life. That’s right. Not just me but my entire family. Check us out. This photo is an oldie, but a goodie.

A little about me and my not so tiny, family. I have been married for 10 years and our 3 children are 7, 5 and 3 years old. Plus, our pets (so many pets!). We have several family hobbies that include dog sports (like dock diving, herding, Schutzhund, and AKC obedience and rally), learning about bees and beekeeping, blacksmithing, crocheting, casting metal, and I make soaps sometimes. We mostly do all of these as a family. 

A Story About Me

To give an idea of how Qkids has helped change my life: From 2007-2016 I was a full-time professional dog trainer juggling kids, one of which has special needs, and life in general. I loved dog training and teaching. I loved building those relationships. I had my youngest son in 2016 and unfortunately a few weeks after that suffered a tragic injury that reshaped my entire life. I suffered significant nerve damage and as such lost a lot of my mobility in my right leg, hip, and foot. I had to go through numerous surgeries to help aid this injury. I spent 2016-early 2019 in and out of hospitals, physical therapy, and doctor’s appointments. On more than one occasion I felt more than just helpless but a complete burden. Like I couldn’t give to my family the things I felt necessary.

It’s a very dark and sad feeling constantly living in hospitals and needing procedures. As my surgeries and procedures slowed down in June 2019, I KNEW I needed a change. I needed to learn how to get back that feeling that I had lost. The feeling of helping my family and the feeling I was the mother that my children needed me to be. I was never going to be who I was before this, but I could find something to get my confidence back.

A Penny for Your Friend's Thoughts

In early July 2019, a friend of mine talked me into looking at Teaching English as a Second Language. I LOVED teaching so why not give this a try. She explained that with this I could do something I love, go to therapy, and still recover from this injury as I still need blocks and supportive care in physical therapy. So, I made a hop to the internet.

I started researching and stumbled upon Qkids and I leaped to apply:

Continuing to be a Student of Life

Not only did I apply, but I continued to expand my education and earned my TEFL, TEYL (Teaching English to Young Learners), and am now pursuing my TESOL at Arizona State University. My life goals have changed a bit, not just based on the injury but also based on my knowledge and what I can accomplish. I feel like I have a little more control over my life again. Qkids has given me enough self-confidence to push my thresholds a little further and to look at every obstacle a little differently. It’s given me a new perspective and hope. Plus, more excuses for coffee breaks. We’ve been able to move forward with doing more because I have the confidence that I do NOT have to be stagnant in my life or allow this injury to define who I am.

Home is Where the T-Rex Roams

The benefits for my family are vast. I’m happier so they constantly see a mom who sings and dances more. I’m able to be up BEFORE they wake up which helps start the day off seamlessly. Qkids has helped me become a better homeschooling mom. Not just being comfortable with games in my classroom but also making up songs and games on the fly to help decompress my kids between lessons. I'm able to change my teaching technique more seamlessly with my children AND children in my classrooms.
We’ve been able to save money more, travel more, and do more of our hobbies. The adventures give them experiences and knowledge we can never replace and Qkids is helping us provide this. These moments are amazing and time we can never replace. I can stay home, teach them, do what I love, and for our entire family it only has positives in our life. This next year we will be able to take our kids on new adventures and those memories can never be taken away so for us, it means everything.

Leap! Hop! Jump!

Everyone has a story. Sometimes that story has hard chapters that feel never-ending. I’m just glad mine gave me the ability to jump to a greater change than I could ever expect.
 How did Qkids help you take a leap?

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