42 Ways You Know You're a Qkids Teacher

My name is Rebecca Frostad, and I am a 36-year-old married mother of one precocious near-2-year-old. I just immigrated to Canada, where my husband is from, and we have settled in the expansive prairies. I have been teaching with Qkids for a year and a half, and it has been an exciting and growing experience. I hope that my posts will be something that readers can find amusing, enlightening, and relatable. Enjoy!

You Know You're a Qkids Teacher When...

  1. … you get overly excited about being able to sleep in until 7 am on your days off
  2. … you get all of your best work stuff from Amazon, Etsy, or the Dollar Tree/Dollar Store
  3. … your kids' toys double as props
  4. … you have kids toys but no kids
  5. … someone says, “Hello, how are you?” and you get the song stuck in your head for the rest of the day
  6. … you find yourself doing TPR in everyday life-- and sometimes at adults
  7. … your face has hurt from smiling so much
  8. … you say the letter sound three times to correct a child's pronunciation in real life (“b-b-b-brother”)
  9. … you agonize over which headset to get-- the $30 Walmart special or the $80+ one that gamers use
  10. … you agonize over the one red tag in an overwhelming sea of green tags
  11. … you have taught a whole class of foreheads
  12. … you have taught a whole class of ceilings
  13. … you have taught a whole class of Elsas
  14. … you can look at what (to others) appears to be a jumble of letters and still decipher a name
  15. … you know characters from kids shows on sight but you don't have kids
  16. … you try to use the highlight tool outside of the platform and are disappointed when you end up selecting things instead
  17. … you find yourself trying to reward people diamonds in real life
  18. … you go to work in your pajamas
  19. … you go to work in pajamas and lipstick
  20. … you take the quiz because you want to know if you are more Koby or Momo
  21. … you may or may not have secretly shipped Koby and Momo
  22. … you have wanted to help Wade Wolf make friends
  23. … you have felt for Koby's mom. #relatable #momlife
  24. … you feel for Bill Bunny's overwhelmed teachers
  25. … you hope the science lessons return so Noah and Ruby (and the rest of us!) can find the next Space Stone
  26. … the standby conversion chime has made you almost jump out of your skin
  27. … you have become overly nervous and suspicious when a standby DOESN'T convert
  28. … you have a class of four-year-olds right after a class of ten-year-olds, and it doesn't phase you
  29. … you know three-year-olds in China with better English than some American or Canadian adults
  30. … you looked up recipes for Mooncakes during Mid-Autumn Festival
  31. … you tried to learn Mandarin for "Happy New Year" for Chinese New Year
  32. … you have considered learning Mandarin
  33. … you have realized how crazy you must look to anyone NOT in the class
  34. … you have realized how crazy you must look to YOUR CLASS
  35. … you have told someone to “click-click” on something in real life
  36. … you have a network of people you've never met that you go to regularly for work advice
  37. … you have felt the nervous excitement of teaching a lesson you've never taught before as a standby
  38. … you have had vivid nightmares about oversleeping and missing your classes
  39. … you have three or more alarms set to make sure you don't oversleep
  40. … your body (or your kids) won't let you sleep in on your days off anyway
  41. … you have pretended to eat the stickers to entertain your Qkiddos
  42. … you have had a magical class that you wish you could teach forever

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  1. Rebecca - this is GREAT and SO TRUE! You made me laugh this morning! Diamonds for YOU!!!!


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