Three Steps to Having a Successful Class

Hi! I'm Teacher Megan, and I live not too far outside of New York City.
I have spent a very happy three years teaching online with my “coworkers”.. my two dogs and one cat!
If you love teaching as I do, then you know one of the most fulfilling experiences is watching your student progress!

My students call me Teacher Megan, and I have spent a very happy three years teaching online. I have had the pleasure of seeing many student's language skills and love of language learning grow.
As teachers, our goal is to make every class productive - which can be a challenge since every class (and student) is different.
What can we do to have a successful class every time? Here are some simple steps!

Reach learning goals

A successful class is a class where the student learns something new!
Working for Qkids makes setting learning goals easy. Every class has a list of provided “Lesson Objectives” which includes vocabulary or grammar points. So by helping the student to learn these during class, we help them take another step in their language learning journey!
But what about the student’s personal learning needs?

At the beginning of class, I like to notice the areas the student needs to work on and focus on one or two of these. For example, they may have learned today's new vocabulary word "clothes" but have trouble pronouncing it correctly. Keep working on this throughout the class. At the end of the lesson, be sure to give them specific praise on their achievements and hard work! You will both be so happy to see what has been accomplished during your class together.

Make a connection

Making a personal connection with your student will make the class very enjoyable for both of you. But another wonderful bonus is that it will inspire the student to give 100%! Why you ask?
When the student enjoys communicating with you they will (even subconsciously) put more effort into their speaking and listening.

One of my favorite parts of English teaching is when my student wants to share a story or idea, so they put a lot of effort into formulating a sentence in English so that they can communicate it to me!
Having a student-teacher bond will be a great encouragement for your students and also help them to see the practical benefits of being able to communicate in English.

And speaking of student-teacher bond... who doesn't like receiving commendation from a favorite teacher? That can also be an amazing motivator for your students!

Keep learning fun!

I try to leave my students with a great impression of learning English. If they have had a fun class, then they will look forward to their next lesson!
As a teacher, I love helping my students develop a love of learning that will hopefully last a lifetime!
Never underestimate the impact that you as a teacher make on your students. You can help them to have a successful language class, which in the long run will help them to be successful in other ways, too!
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