The Importance of Phonics Lessons

Phonics lessons are a great new tool that our teachers are being invited to teach. These lessons help your students gain a firm understanding of letter sounds and pronunciation that will develop into a clear English accent. Today teacher Candace has another great contribution to the Qkids Blog, helping you all understand the importance and practicality of these new lessons. Enjoy!

Hi! My name is Candace Hicks and I am currently an online ESL teacher with Qkids. I have been working with Qkids since December 2018 and I can honestly say this is where I belong! 
I have had many opportunities to teach children and watch them learn through versatile school settings and now teaching students online, I can incorporate my skills here to increase student knowledge! Teaching phonics with Qkids has been the best experience that I have had thus far. It gives me a great start to my day, and I know that I am helping to make a difference in a child’s life lesson by lesson. What is the importance of phonics? 
1) Phonics lessons strengthen student’s ability to learn the English language because they are first learning the building blocks of the language. It helps to develop the language in the mind of the child and strengthens the comprehension of that student

2) Phonics strengthens the confidence of the student. It helps the student grasp concepts further than just the normal word. It increases the child’s ability to think and understand. It even helps children develop a sense to create their own words

3) Phonics lessons help students to build an accomplished feeling overall when they grasp the understanding of reading and blending sounds together. It enriches each student to be able to read on their own thanks to the help of phonics

4) It is a crucial element to prepare a child for reading and establishing a connection to what they are reading

5) Phonics can help decode words, and accurately pronounce words from an early age
In teaching phonics, we first take the letters and sounds of letters to influence children's ability to listen and comprehend words. Once children have been able to sound out letters and recognize letterforms, we can work on blends. In phonics lessons, we use blending as one technique to improve reading and teach children to sound out the beginning of words. Blending helps focus on one word at a time to teach students the correct pronunciation. After we practice with blending students are better equipped to take on reading with confidence!
These are just a few of many reasons why phonics lessons are an amazing addition to the involvement of your children’s learning abilities. Phonics lessons have made a huge impact on students all around the world. I love that Qkids has worked so hard to bring these lessons to life! With Qkids we work together to ensure that all students can understand letter sounds, vowels, consonants and be able to blend sounds together initiating the process of early reading!

Thanks, Qkids!

Teacher Candace

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