How to Make Your Lessons Come to Life

Hi! My name is Candace Hicks and I am currently an online ESL teacher with Qkids. I have been working with Qkids since December 2018 and I can honestly say this is where I belong! I have had many opportunities to teach children and watch them learn through versatile school settings and now teaching students online, I can incorporate my skills here to increase student knowledge!
There are many tips and tricks that online teachers use to bring their lessons to life and help students to interact with them. I have found that although there are many ways to bring your lessons to life, each class and each student does interact differently with each learning style! The top five things that help me bring my class to life are as follows:

Great Leading Introduction

Starting your class with a great introduction sets the first impression of how the class will go. If you are spunky and full of energy, your students will expect you to carry that form throughout the class. I begin my lessons with a quick introduction of myself and get to each student to let them express their feelings and abilities in speaking English so I can begin a quick assessment of how to connect with this child.

Voice Variation

The second thing I have learned to do with all of my classes is to use voice variation! It makes a difference in every class if I speak in one tone verses if I based my voice on the lesson and sentences that come along. Voice variation helps students stay engaged and keeps them entertained as well.

Facial Expression and Use of Body Language

The next thing tip to remember is to always use facial expressions and body language! This is commonly known as TPR but can get lost in some lessons because of the fast pace. Using TPR is important because it draws in the attention and helps each student to focus on the material learned. It can also help them to remember things after classes because of simple movements or gestures you used.

Getting on Each Child’s Level of Learning

The fourth thing to remember is very important as teachers in the ESL world. We have to realize that not every child learns the same way. Knowing that each child learns differently, we can see that it is important to gauge our students. When doing introductions and one-on-one examples we can tell if the child is confident, shy, ready to learn, or may need extra assistance. Knowing the child's needs can help you to make the assessment and tone your teaching down if needed. I like to get right on the child's level. If Susan is shy in class today, I will whisper when speaking to Susan. This helps her to know that I am listening, that I can see that she is shy, and lets her know that she is okay to proceed.

Making a Connection with Each Child

This brings me to my next point, making a connection with each child. The connection is important because it helps each child feel comfortable with you. It lets them know that you are not just another teacher, but you love the job that you do, and you want them to learn with passion. A connection can be as easy as seeing the child has on a princess t-shirt and saying, “Oh I love Princesses, Charlotte” you will soon see Charlotte light up and bring her smile to the next slide in the lesson.

Be an Example

As teachers, we are fulfilling a purpose much greater than just teaching, we are setting an example for a young generation who wants to learn. Bringing your lessons to life will not only help you to love your job even more during each class, but it will also help each child to fall in love with English and want to learn more each day.  

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