Expansion Versus Extension

Expansion Versus Extension
Hello all! I am sure many of you have seen me before whether it was on the Qkids blog, or in my Facebook group called the "Qkids Newbie Group" that I have created as a platform for all new teachers to connect. If so, nice to meet you again!
If not, hello (for the first time). My name is Brittani, (Also known as teacher Brittani). I am In LOVE with Qkids! No really... I am absolutely in LOVE with everything about Qkids. I have three boys who I homeschool, a loving husband and I am a Children's Book Author! Also, I am in school to earn a degree in Education and spend most of my time around children because they're what makes my heart the happiest!

I wanted to touch on a topic that a lot of new teachers have trouble with. This is something I get questions about A LOT. Okay.... let's put some light on the elephant in the room. Are you ready?
Have you ever had a class where a student is just not about the information? We as adults have these moments in life where we just can't understand something, right? I know I do. Or what about the students that push information too fast. Have you ever been in a class and it has been 8 minutes and you're already on slide I don't know...... 7?

I wanted to talk about some tips that I find SO help when we as teachers experience a class like this. Let’s talk about exPANSION and exTENSION. Confused? Or maybe you have heard of this before?
Let’s start with expansion first.

Expansion is something we need to do when we have a student that is not retaining the material that we are teaching. To expand on something, we do just this.... we expand. For example, if I am teaching a Phonics lesson with the letter "A" and the word "apple" and the student isn't understanding the letter "A". It is my job as a teacher to expand on the material. In this specific case, I would show the student the letter A on the board and have them trace the letter themselves. If the word is "apple" I would grab an apple from my kitchen and show the student that the teacher is eating an apple and we would say the word together five times while I point to my physical apple in my hand. 
How does this help you may ask? When we use a physical prop, we are bringing the material to life. This helps as an ESL teacher because even though we have the comfort and flexibility of teaching online we are also able to show the word "apple", hands-on. This also helps the student to repeat with the teacher while we point to the object. This is called expansion because we are expanding on a lesson and making sure the student understands the material before moving onto the next class. After I expand on lessons when needed, I always leave the class feeling very rewarding because I watched that "light-bulb" go on for the student when they realized that they were able to retain the material!

Extension is something we need to do when we have a student that is (as mentioned above) just breezing through the lesson. This is the student that knows every answer to each question and has amazing English! That is very rewarding as a teacher, but sometimes we need to come up with something else to do to fill the whole thirty minutes of class time, right? What I do is extend the material. How do I extend? I use the material and make it a little bit harder for them so that they can use the material as a learning surface. 
I also make it fun by incorporating games like hangman. The students love it when they breeze through a lesson, but the teacher makes up a game that associates with the material in the lesson! This helps put a little more fun into the lesson while learning. It also helps fill those thirty-minute classes so that we as teachers aren't worried about moving too fast.

I hope you enjoyed my tips on expansion and extension and it helps you in your future classes!
Happy teaching, teachers! <3

Teacher Brittani
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