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The Impact Qkids Has Had on My Life?

Hello, my name is Sandra Morales, but my students call me Teacher Sandy. I have been working for Qkids for a little over a year. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and have worked with students of all ages since my graduation. My favorite student will forever be my son, whom I home-schooled for two years.  Education has always been important to my family. In terms of short-term goals, I obtained my 120 Hour TESOL Certificate to be better prepared to teach my Qkids students. When it comes to my long-term goals, I plan to be an excellent blog writer for Qkids along with teaching a full schedule. Within the next two years, I plan on working towards my Master's Degree in English.  What Is the Biggest Impact Qkids Has Had on Your Life?The Qkids CultureThe United States of America has often been referred to as the "melting pot". Early in history immigrants from all countries came to the United States seeking freedoms and opportunities. Growing up in the United States I have…

Being a Troll and the Benefits of Singing in Class

Tiffany Gates is a 30-year-old homeschooling mother of 3 young children aged 7, 5, and 3. She spends her spare time training dogs, teaching people, and dabbling in a ton of her small hobbies. Her favorite drink generally consists of caffeine and her favorite season is Fall or Spring, depends on when you ask.  WAKE UP, KOBY! Every morning I wake up, toss on a nice shirt, throw my hair up, dab on a bit of lipstick and start to rock and roll. I log into the Qkids platform, throw back some espresso, and enter the class. It’s 06:35 EST. 

If you know me, I am NOT a morning person. At least I wasn't until I started teaching ESL. I like to sleep... a lot... I'm somewhat akin to a grumpy old troll without significant amounts of coffee, according to my 5-year-old. Truly I think of the scene in the "Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey with the Goblin King" when he tells me these things: Upping the JoyAs my students enter the classroom I wave and sing "Hello" and then "let&…