Teacher Tips: How to Expand Section 0

Hi there Qkids teachers and friends who are interested! My name is Teacher Alissa, I have been teaching with Qkids since July 2018 and I have enjoyed working with the company. With flexible hours, a great support system, and great kiddos, what more could you ask for? A little bit about me: I'm a current teacher in a small town in Canada, I'm a stay-at-home wife to a loving husband. My passions include learning about different languages and cultures, playing board games, and volunteering in my free time.

Today I’ll be giving some tips on how to expand in Section 0!

They say that first impressions are lasting and that couldn’t be truer in this case! This time is very important in classes as teachers are meeting students, and students get an idea of what their teachers are like. Qkids gives an opportunity to create relationships with your students in Section 0 (before the actual lesson starts). It is encouraged to log into your class at 3-5 minutes before the lesson starts to meet the students - and you need to be in before the 3-minute mark otherwise your class can be passed on.

After introducing yourself and saying hello to your students, there’s still some time left before the lesson starts… now what? Here are some ideas:

Putting Students on the Stage

Putting individual students on the stage help students to feel appreciated and special. It also allows you to assess the level of the student and know more about them. You can ask students how they’re feeling, about their day, their likes and dislikes, and give the student a face filter (there are many to choose from). You will get lots of smiles and laughs from this, and laughing is contagious.

Clicking on Momo Monkey

In section 0 there is a surprise for students! If they click on Momo Monkey they can collect a diamond! Encourage students to click on Momo Monkey by using the highlight or spotlight feature. The kids get excited when they get a diamond - I even get excited for them. This also helps you to know if students can click which is helpful for some sections in the lesson.

Talk about Animals

In a recent update, more stickers were released by Qkids, stickers are a wonderful thing to use and kids love them! One thing I love to do is use these stickers to ask kids if they know what each animal is and ask what sound the animal makes (especially for earlier lessons). It helps them to practice their words, and increase their knowledge of animals. For example: “What do we have here? Cat, can you say cat? What sound does the cat make? Meow, meow.” The kiddos learn by repetition so by being enthusiastic and include the hand gestures, they will copy you and have lots of fun doing so.

Reviewing Color Words

Colors are a wonderful thing, they capture the eye, and color words are used in describing other objects - especially in some lessons too. It’s helpful to practice to keep their minds sharp. Another thing I like to do in Section 0 is by using the rainbow sticker to review colors of the rainbow one by one and making a list of the words to help the students remember.


Now the clock has reached 0:00 and the lesson begins, and you know more about your students and they know you better too! The kiddos are very smart and appreciate the positivity
- it helps them to progress! Be happy to show them that as they work hard and deserve it, make use of the stickers that Qkids provides. Happy teaching!

I hope you found this helpful to make your teaching world better with Qkids! And if you’re thinking of joining the Qkids family, check out their website by clicking here: http://teacher.qkids.net/ref?code=UVJDTJ My referral code is UVJDTJ!

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