How Props Can Make For a Great Teaching Tool

Nick Nebelsky is an author, illustrator, and publisher of childrens books and games at Intense Media ( He has spent most of his career in the media arts but in his early years was able to work with children in various capacities. He has a Bachelors Degree from SUNY Brockport in Brockport, NY. Hes married with three children, two dogs, and loves to travel. He is also learning to play the piano and the guitar and hopes to be able to write his own childrens songs. 


I've always relied on my creativity to get by in life and with Qkids, my creativity flourishes. In every class, I try to incorporate at least one prop into my lessons. Whether it's during my five-minute introduction or throughout the class. I find them both useful to illustrate a concept and entertaining.

My “go-to” prop is my “Rabbit in the Hat.” The kids LOVE HIM and I think that's why I try to incorporate him into every lesson. I can almost guarantee that at least one child will smile when I bring out my puppets, especially with the younger students. I find that props help relieve any uncertainty for the children as well as it opens up their curiosity.
I use puppets in my introduction and it helps bring all the kids to the same page and starts us off in a fun and nurturing environment.

Under the Sea

Lately, Qkids has introduced three new "Ocean Adventure" classes for the preschool-aged children. They have been a big hit! I use my "Crab" hat and the kids love it and since at least one class deals with crabs, it's a nice segué into the class. I also have a clown-fish hat and a shark puppet who likes to eat toothbrushes.
For the younger students, I’ll wear bunny ears and for this class, it was really funny in that the exercise called for the students to write down what a monster looked like and they all decided that the scariest monster has two long ears, a red nose, and a pair of glasses!

Make Use of What's Around

Some of the other props I use are actual handwritten letters and envelopes with addresses on them, Chinese restaurant menus, oversized money, and different sized balls, markers, and balloons. I think having a prop is not only a great ice breaker, but it's something that makes it easier for kids to relate to. Also, I'll often send the children off to find props in their homes which is a lot of fun and it allows me first hand to know that the child is grasping the content.
I enjoy putting a smile on every Qkids student because it makes me smile too! I believe that a happy student is a more productive student!  If you'd like to join our teaching community, please use my referral link:

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