365 Days - Rebecca's First Year with Qkids

How has working for Qkids for a whole year changed the life of Teacher Rebecca? We will let her tell you about all the positive benefits she has experienced in her first year with us!

My name is Rebecca Frostad and I am a 36-year-old married mother of one precocious 20-month-old. We are currently working on immigrating to Canada, where my husband is from. I have been teaching with Qkids for a year, and it has been an exciting and growing experience. I hope that my posts will be something that readers can find amusing, enlightening, and relatable. 
The familiar sound of my alarm begins to crescendo and break the (relative) silence of the early morning. The sun hasn't even considered getting up yet, but I'm already dressed and closing the bedroom door. Although I am not a morning person, I enjoy the calm stillness as I prepare for work. My husband and baby are still asleep in the other room, and the only sounds I hear from my desk chair are the occasional vehicle passing by outside the window.

The Best Laid Plans…

My little family has come a long way from where we were a year ago, but to understand that, I need to give you a little backstory. I got married in 2016 to a man that I likely would never have met if it weren't for the internet-- a Canadian. Our big plan was to live in the US for a couple of years, working and saving up while my permanent residency paperwork was processing. When his visa mysteriously never materialized (it fell through the cracks somewhere), and I got pregnant six months into our marriage, we knew our plans were about to change. 

A Whole New World

A week after our daughter was born, my brick-and-mortar job decided to send me the gift of not having to come back to work... ever. With my husband having no income, and now no income of my own, the baby and I moved in with my parents while my sweetheart went back to the Great White North. With my parents caring for my ailing grandparents, my lack of funds for a babysitter, and planning to immigrate to a foreign country within a few months, I found myself very limited in my job options.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

In July, I came across a job posting on Indeed.com posted by Qkids. The ad was looking for native English speakers with enthusiasm and teaching experience who wanted to work online from home. For me, it was the perfect fit: a fulfilling job that I could do from home and still have time to spend with my little one. What's more, I could take it with me to Canada. It meant that I would still be able to pay my bills, taking some of the weight off of my husband. I recorded myself reading from one of my baby's books and sent it in with my application.

Not long after, I heard back that I had passed the initial screening. (Yes, I did a small victory dance ^_^) That meant that I would be progressing to the interviews. I downloaded the Qkids platform and found it to be fairly straightforward. The tools and stickers gave me the impression right away that this was a company that wanted the kids to enjoy learning. I have often said that, if I were ever to teach in a school, I would want to make the class engaging. After all, kids learn and retain a lot more from fun and games than they do from drudgery and repetition. "If I get this job," I thought, "I'm going to be getting paid to play games with kids on the other side of the globe." And that thought made me hope even more that I would get it.

Trying Out

The interviews were just demonstrating that I understood how the platform and tools worked. I spent a lot of time agonizing over it, but it went well. My recruiter was so kind and encouraging (something I appreciate about Qkids-- they are so UPLIFTING!!), and made me feel very at ease. The second interview was with my trainer, and we went through a class with her as the student. She gave me some good advice and helped me to consider different ways of achieving the goal. They were amazingly helpful with their feedback.

Green Means Go!

After the interviews, my trainer set me up with two demo classes. These wouldn't be dummy classes, either-- they were real, live students, expecting a confident and prepared teacher! I remember being ridiculously nervous about the classes and walking through every slide of both lessons. When the time came, they went very well-- I got a few green tags from them, which meant that the families and kids enjoyed the lessons! I was so proud I even did a screenshot of the tags ^_^ A few days later, I was told by my trainer that Qkids wanted to offer me a contract. To say that I was excited would be an understatement. To not only have a job but to have a job that I liked, was an enormous blessing for me.

Onward and Upward

So here we are, 365 days later, and so much has changed. I'm more confident in what I do, and I'm better able to engage the kids. I understand that I don't have to know EVERYTHING in the lesson, as long as I know the games and the operations. It's much more about helping the kids get excited about learning a new language and giving them a bright spot in their day. We are here to help them learn a new language, yes-- but with most of the students, we will only be in their life for one half-hour time slot. We may not remember all of them through the blur of teaching, and they might completely forget the lesson, but if we can brighten their little corner of the world, they might never forget the impact we had on them.

I'm so glad that I wake up each day and get to contribute to making someone's day better. It's been a year well spent ^_^

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