Teacher Interview with Teacher Brittani: For All Prospective Teachers Interested in Qkids

What does it take to be a Qkids teacher? How do you begin the process to teach English online? Today Teacher Brittani sat down with us to answer some questions about her life and habits as a Qkids teacher, that should help answer these important questions.

What’s Your Background? How Did You Become a Qkids Teacher? How Long Have You Been Working as a Qkids Teacher?

My background stems from children as I have been around children since I was little. Since I have started earning my own money at seventeen years old, I was employed at a family-owned childcare center. I have also been a nanny and worked in many other childcare centers before finding Qkids! I have earned many certifications within the Early Childhood Education Degree at a college in my hometown and I am very close to earning my degree. In my spare time, I am working on writing my first-ever children's book!

I found this amazing job online while I was looking for something close to home. After reading the job description, I thought it was too good to be true! I applied anyway and was very excited to learn that it was real and in fact, my dream job. I have now been with Qkids for almost six months and love every part of it!  

Have You Worked for Other Companies Teaching English Online? What Makes Qkids Different?

I have not worked for other companies, but with that said I have looked into others.
Qkids is much different because they offer flexibility and show true appreciation towards all their teachers. The trainers are always there to show support and offer constructive feedback because they want to make sure we as teachers reach the highest potential. Qkids is always working for their students and teachers all while improving the platform, scheduling, etc. You really can’t find a company with more caring staff!

What Is Your Favorite Part About Being a Qkids Teacher?

My favorite part about being a Qkids teacher is the chance to connect with other students across the world and learn about diversity between cultures. It’s an amazing experience and it isn’t something that many people get to say they’re able to accomplish at their job.

What Is Your Biggest Challenge in This Role?

If I had to pick one thing that had to be considered a “challenge”, it would probably be not being able to speak Chinese myself. I do feel like this is something I want to do in my future after having the honor of working for Qkids English. I feel like when teaching a child a different language, it’s very beneficial to know their language also. I feel it would make for a stronger connection between the teacher and the student.

What Has Been the Most Surprising Aspect of Being a Qkids Teacher?

The most surprising aspect of being a Qkids teacher is the authenticity of this job and the relationships with staff and fellow Qkids teachers that I have been able to maintain because of this job. I wake up every morning to teach children my language through a very interactive platform... in my HOME. How cool is that? I have to say, sometimes I pinch myself when I realize how "cool" of a job I have.

What Kind of Person Is a Good Fit for This Job?

The person that would be a good fit for this job would need to be very interactive, and outgoing! This individual would need to be able to be silly and love kids! You also want to make sure you like working in your pajamas... if you wanted too! 


What Is a Typical Day for You?

On a day that I am working, I typically wake up super early to drink some coffee. I gather all my cool gear to make myself look very silly. I teach about three classes, and then I spend the rest of the day with my children. We usually go to the park to have a picnic, go shopping, or just work on some school work. I also focus on my college course work until it’s time for me to teach again.

What Are Your Top Tips for Being Successful in the Qkids Interview Process?

My top tip for being successful in the Qkids interview process is to have FUN! You want to make sure you really show your personality so that your trainer can notice your unique teaching style. Always be yourself and I truly believe if you're doing that, you'll be successful.

Any Other Advice for Anyone Who Wants to Be a Qkids Teacher?

Finally, if you’re looking into applying to Qkids, be ready to have the time of your life and love every
second of it! You won't regret your decision in joining the Qkids family!

I hope you join the Qkids family very soon!

Shaping the future of E-learning together! Helping Qkids family grow in your own way!

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