Is Qkids the Best Job Ever?

I currently live in the grasslands of the Midwest, but I have lived all over the country. I like it here the most! I live in a very small rural town but I still have high-speed internet! I am a teacher, a mother (of 3 kids and 2 cats) and I LOVE my job! I have many, many years of teaching experience, including preschool, leadership camps, home-schooling, co-ops- and the list goes on. I have volunteered and held offices within the school districts. Education is a passion for me! I am a Marketing Major, currently finishing up my BBA. Qkids allows me to use my marketing skills and passion for teaching, all in one beautiful stay-at-home job.

So Is Qkids the Best Job Ever?

Imagine working with a company that valued you and listened to your feedback. A team that cared when you or your family were ill or even just over-whelmed. Imagine being thoroughly trained from day one, allowing you to be confident in your skills and abilities. Envision having a point of contact that was there to answer your questions and to help you when needed it. Imagine a place where peers worked together to strengthen one another.  Visualize a position where you decided your schedule, were fairly compensated, worked from home around your family and life. Imagine the perfect work-life balance. Can you see it? Well, that’s my job, and I would love to tell you about it!

How I Found the Perfect Job

I am an ESL teacher, which means I teach English as a second language. I stumbled across this position when I had extenuating circumstances and temporarily could not work outside of the home. After many failed attempts at finding something with reasonable pay that I could do online, I finally found the position I was looking for!

I saw an ad to work for Qkids. I met most of the qualifications and applied right away. While I had never been a teacher in a brick and mortar school, I had teaching experience within pre-schools, co-ops, and from homeschooling my children, etc. I got the job, and it changed my life!

Side Note

All ESL companies are not equal. I have tried a few since I started, and Qkids is far above par in many ways- most precisely, how they treat their teachers. It is not just my opinion, but most of the teachers I speak to within the ESL community agree. This article is referring to working with Qkids only, not for any ESL company.

Your Opinion Can Matter!

Qkids listens to their teachers' feedback. If we have ideas for change, they are always heard and implemented as appropriate. That does not mean that every single suggestion causes change. All changes are carefully examined to ensure that they will have the best impact on everyone.

Be Treated Like Family!

When you join Qkids, you will have a family of peers that are with you every step of the way! When I first started, I could not believe how valued I felt by a company halfway across the world, especially considering that I had had the opposite experience from the "family companies" that were just down the street. I cannot wait for you to experience this as well!


If you applied through a mentor, they would be your first point of contact for help. They will walk you along the hiring process, the application, teaching styles, and help you feel at ease as you enter this amazing career.
Side Note: If you would like me to be your mentor apply with the referral code: IWZDQP and I will be happy to help you! Do not forget to contact me and let me know that you will be applying. That way, you can get all of the assistance you deserve in the process. I am active in The House of Qkids group so it should be easy to find me!

Peer Support

That brings us to the next topic, join the thousands of teachers and potential teachers online in the company-sponsored House of Qkids group. There are many teachers and peers standing-by to help with anything from lighting to trying to figure out how a game works. We are all here to help you! Not just with teaching, but to truly be there for you! In my opinion, because we are fairly booked and treated so great, it makes our community more cooperative. There is rarely a competitive spirit; we are all there to help each other and have sub-groups to build our relationships further and lean on one another.


While you are interviewing, you will work with onboarding staff (recruiters and interviewers) that will help train you and bring out your best! They do not expect you to be perfect on day one. If they see potential, they will take the time to train you the rest of the way.

Your Coach- Your Main Man (or Woman)

Next, you will be assigned an official coach. They will be your point of contact for the longevity of your career. They will be there to answer questions, periodically review your classes, and give you feedback as needed. Feedback is not bad; it is a normal part of the process.


You will also have a Class Coordination Team that you can message any time. You can message CCT about a personal emergency that will affect your classes or schedule, or if you need help right in the middle of class. They are always willing to help and offer supportive solutions.

This is a Real Job, with Real Pay!

While this is contracted work (meaning you are self-employed), the pay is fair and real. You will be paid $8 per 30-minute class (with a 3-5 minute log in time beforehand) and then up to $2 in additional (easy to obtain) bonuses per class as well. That is $16-20 per teaching hour. Pretty nice considering you don't have to pay for gas to get to work, probably won't have to pay for childcare and have no commuting time.

Qkids Books Classes Fairly

They do their best only to hire the teachers they will need. They book classes for you and try to book fairly. You will have busy seasons and slow seasons, but you choose your availability. Just let the Class Coordination Team know what your availability is and they will do their best to fill it. You do need to have a minimum of 12 spots (6 hours total) available during the week, but you choose when those are.

You Are Important!

If you have an emergency and need to request time off, just do so at least 5 hours in advance, and it does not even count as an absence. You are important. Qkids wants you to be happy, healthy, and motivated to be the best you can be in your classes!

The Perfect Work-Life Balance

Once you are teaching, choosing your schedule and making good money then you can practice self-care and be there for your family. You will be fully aware of the perfect work-life balance. You will never want to go back.

What Are You Waiting For, Join Us!

To find out more feel free to email me at and I can answer all of your questions! Additionally, to apply to Qkids, follow the link but do not forget to contact me! Your chances of getting hired are greatly improved while being actively mentored as opposed to just using someone's link or code.

Shaping the future of E-learning together! Helping Qkids family grow in your own way!

Qkids Family

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