5 Reasons Why Your Should Join the Qkids Facebook Groups

Teacher Courtney enjoys the inspiration, encouragement, and sense of community that she receives as a member of the House of Qkids Facebook group! Keep reading to see what our community is all about, and why YOU should join!
Do you dream about working from home? Are you attracted to the idea of teaching in your pajama bottoms and slippers? There are many "perks" to working remotely. For ESL teachers, you are teaching in the comfort of your own home, of course! You can set up your desk with a comfy pillow under your toosh, a fuzzy blanket over your legs, a pumpkin spice candle lit, and the freshest cup of coffee brewed by your own Keurig (goodbye communal office coffee pot!). Gone are the days of commuting, listening to deafening office banter, or having your boss visit your cubicle "just to see what you're working on". Remote jobs are increasing in popularity year over year, and with Gen Z expected to comprise 36% of the workforce by 2020, working from home is progressively viewed as a desirable arrangement by the tech-savvy professional. (Muhammad, Forbes.com, 2018)

Yet, even those who enjoy productivity from their recliner, yearn for some sort of colleague interaction. According to Forbes.com, "The biggest reported struggle of remote work is lack of community - 21% of remote workers named "loneliness" as one of their main on-the-job issues." Lucky for us, Qkids has created a social media environment that welcomes community among prospective and current teachers! You may be working from an American or Canadian island, but you don't have to feel like you're alone when you're a Qkids teacher!

There are several Facebook groups by Qkids English. Have you checked them out? You can "like" Qkids English, and then select "groups" from their page's sidebar to see all of the official Qkids English groups. The Qkids Theory and House of Qkids are the most popular.
Today we will feature our largest community, House of Qkids!

It's important to note the purpose of these groups. They are "intended as a space for our teachers and community to engage with each other and Qkids, sharing positive stories and user experiences to improve our love of teaching and the skills which we use." From my personal experience, these virtual teacher lounges provide ample community interaction, and they help you feel like you're never in the profession alone!

House of Qkids – official Qkids English affiliated group

With over 3,900 members and an average of 60 posts per day, House of Qkids is by far the largest and most active group of prospective and current Qkid teachers. Below are some reasons why you might benefit from joining our community!

1). You’re a prospective teacher, and you’re looking for answers!

Once you've decided to apply for Qkids, joining 'House of Qkids' is a fantastic next step. This group is a treasure trove of knowledge, advice, and support, all of which will aid you in the hiring process. Pretty much any question that an applicant could ask, has been asked! This means there are TONS of answers for you! Simply use the search feature on the left sidebar, and type in the topic you'd like to read about. BOOM! Your own personalized Qkids "google" is at your service. From demos to trials, this community has you covered.

And by all means, don’t just take it from me!
Teacher Kim writes, “The House of Qkids Facebook page is full of supportive, helpful teachers and staff who genuinely want everyone to succeed and to become part of the Qkids family.”

And Teacher Destiny exclaims, “Can I just say how much I love this group? I love all the helpful information and encouragement we all give!”

2). You're a current teacher, and you're looking for community, support, encouragement, and inspiration.

Are you a new or veteran Qkids teacher, and you're interested in learning how to create that diamond dinosaur that little Jimmy begged for on the exit screen? From laughing together with stories from the classroom to posting an appropriate GIF describing your face when your alarm sounds at 5:45 am, you're likely to enjoy sharing experiences with your fellow teachers. 
I follow the activities on the House of Qkids page daily! It’s enjoyable to read about other teachers’ classes in the morning. I love celebrating contract renewals and the 500, 1,000, and 1,500 class milestones of fellow teachers! I feel connected with the other teachers, and I’ve befriended many of them. The culture of the page is one where questions can be asked, and supportive answers can be received. I’ve posted my feelings and challenges, and I’ve been met with encouragement and support. There’s something about being together with others who are “in the thick of it” with you.  We’re also connected by our passion to invest in the lives of these children! You’ll uncover new uses for props, ideas for lesson extension, creative welcome screen games, and fresh snapshots of teacher backgrounds! You’ll also laugh at the GIFs that describe a standby ding!
About House of Qkids, Qkids staffer Hoilen writes, “We would love to see our teachers being able to vent, advise, share wonderful ideas, funny moments in the groups we built, so the connections and bond will always be something more than online visual interviews or text messages via Qkids mobile app. Plus, we get to grow together!”

Teacher Kiera writes, “I love this group. Everyone is so positive, and it's made me even more grateful to be working for Qkids!”

It's also important to note that members are typically first to know about system updates (which sometimes come down in the mornings before class and teachers quickly post about it!). Also, you can be made aware of rare system-wide technical issues, messages that other teachers receive from CCT about delays in scheduling or need for teachers, and even further explanation of company-wide updates in policy or procedure. You are "in the know" when you are part of the House of Qkids Facebook group.

3). You need a good laugh, or you need someone to sympathize with you!

The range of feelings, experiences, and off-the-wall thoughts that are posted daily will always keep you guessing. Drama is rare, but the entertainment is plenty! Perhaps you’re an avid Qkids Blog reader, and you remember my post about being attacked by a humongous, furry, jumping spider! Well, who heard the story first? My teacher friends on House of Qkids, of course!

If you’d like to read about my spider experience, please follow this link: https://www.qkidsblog.com/2019/06/s-s-s-spider-when-lesson-becomes-reality.html

Some of my favorite shared classroom experiences include:

Teacher Julie's experience with a real-time student switcharoo! It was like reading a scene out of the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie "It Takes Two." Those twins tried to pull a fast one on her, but she knew the student on the screen had switched with her twin sister!   
Teacher Crisonis being assigned a standby, only to realize her digital replica was the feature character of that lesson! Talk about feeling like you're looking in the mirror. So adorable, and just WOW!

4). You need some inspiration!

You won’t find more ESL teacher tips ANYWHERE ELSE. Every day you can see a new idea, tip, prop, or use of classroom tools. Talk about creativity. This group has it! Here are some fantastic examples of how our teachers raise the bar in creativity:

Teacher Criss going above and beyond to entertain her Qkiddos by wrapping a monkey AND the monkey’s breakfast (a banana) in her hairdo! A student even distinguished that the monkey wasn’t just ON her head, it was IN her hair!
Teacher Sue made Chuck Chuck from scratch! She has 10 years of public school Special Education experience and a love for props! Her talent, and passion, certainly shows!
Woah, that’s an impressive diamond dinosaur, Teacher Jessica!
Check out Teacher Jhosselinne’s incredible whiteboard dinosaur!

5). You’re interested in joining a mentorship program (to be a mentor or to be mentored)!

Here is an opportunity that you may not know about! Have you considered being a part of the free mentorship program offered on the House of Qkids page? This is an opportunity to share experiences and learn valuable skills from other group members.
You can volunteer your time and talents as a mentor, or you can search through available mentors, and request to be mentored by current teachers. See below the frequently asked questions, and answers, about the mentorship program!

Who can request a mentor?

Any group member can ask someone to mentor them when they see that person listed as a mentor. Group members can also offer to mentor people.

Who can become a mentor? How much experience should mentors have?

Anyone who has experience and a skill to share can offer support in the Mentorship program. Your mentor's advice is their own opinion, and not that of Facebook or your admin(s). All participation is voluntary; your mentor's advice is not meant to substitute professional advice.
Mentors should have enough knowledge about a particular topic to give good advice to someone with less experience. Include a description of your experience level when you sign up so people who are looking for a mentor can decide if you'll be able to help them.

Do I get to decide who my partner is?

Yes. You can browse the profiles of potential partners and reach out to people who seem promising. Group members may also see your profile and send you a message if they think you may be a good match. You have the option to decline their request. As more people join the program, you'll be able to see their profiles on the Mentorship tab.

How do I communicate with my partner about the mentorship?

You and your mentorship partner will be connected one-on-one in Messenger. There you'll receive program guidance and be able to send and receive messages to each other. All participation is voluntary and no money should be exchanged through this program. If you decide to meet up in person, be safe and meet in a public place.

Polite reminders

Please read the community guidelines before posting in the group. This space is meant to be respectful, kind, and supportive. We welcome honesty, venting, and ideas for improvements, however, professionalism is encouraged and appreciated. Please think twice before you post, as you are communicating as an independent contractor. In this space, we aim to build each other up and create an environment where teachers feel welcome to contribute. As a reminder, posts or comments that do not respect that, or are deemed inappropriate by the Qkids team, will be removed. Users found to consistently engage in such behavior will be removed from the page and groups. Please note that teachers who have been with Qkids for a while recommend looking up keywords to find answers about basic policy, protocol or expectations.

Please join our community!

Maybe you’re looking to connect with our teachers, or you’re just interested in sharing some laughs! Whatever your “why,” please join us. From helping to hilariousness, we’ve got a bit of both. You won’t be disappointed.

If you are interested in applying to teach with Qkids, you are welcome to use my referral code: OVYSZZ.
You can also check out my YouTube channel, which documents my personal experiences and provides teacher tips: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6D02EB9zTbok26p-Jlz8CQ

Shaping the future of E-learning together! Helping Qkids family grow in your own way!

Qkids Family

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Abdullahi, Muhammad. (2018, December 21). 10 Remote Work Trends That Will Dominate 2019. Retrieved from www.forbes.com.


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