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3 Tricks to Avoid Common Classroom Issues

Let’s be honest, all of us have at one time or another run into a little hiccup that disrupts our classroom!  My name is Megan and I have been teaching online for almost 3 years now, so you can say that I’ve had my fair share of interesting classes! What advanced preparation can help us to avoid class problems? And what can we do when we find ourselves amid an awkward class interruption? Here are some of the tips that have helped me! Don’t rush into the classroom If you are a morning person, then you probably don’t mind spending extra time in the morning getting important tasks done. I personally love hitting that snooze button as many times as possible! But when it is a morning that I have a class, I always allow myself enough time before class starts to deal with any potential issues. Doing a pre-class equipment check is a vital way to ensure that your class runs smoothly! Your demeanor will also be calmer and in control, if you’ve done another brief class review ri

My Plunge into the Online ESL World

Corey is a Qkids teacher from SW Florida who loves spending time with her husband and two boys going on adventures. She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Psychology, her teaching certificate in Social Science and loves to grow and learn any chance she gets. A little known fun fact about Corey is that she is a beekeeper! She has been a family photographer for the past 10 years and loves to make people smile and share memories wherever she goes. So many bees, so little protective clothing! How did I get here? A year ago this June, I casually mentioned that I was looking into online ESL as a job consideration to one of my close friends. I had heard about it for a couple of years and just always thought it was too good to be true. After all, good income opportunities for stay-at-home parents are few and far between, from my findings. My friend’s reply? ‘Oh yeah, my cousin does that! Let me give you her e-mail and you can pick her brain.’ So I did. My journey into this world ha

5 Reasons Why Your Should Join the Qkids Facebook Groups

Teacher Courtney enjoys the inspiration, encouragement, and sense of community that she receives as a member of the House of Qkids Facebook group! Keep reading to see what our community is all about, and why YOU should join! Do you dream about working from home? Are you attracted to the idea of teaching in your pajama bottoms and slippers? There are many "perks" to working remotely. For ESL teachers, you are teaching in the comfort of your own home, of course! You can set up your desk with a comfy pillow under your toosh, a fuzzy blanket over your legs, a pumpkin spice candle lit, and the freshest cup of coffee brewed by your own Keurig (goodbye communal office coffee pot!). Gone are the days of commuting, listening to deafening office banter, or having your boss visit your cubicle "just to see what you're working on". Remote jobs are increasing in popularity year over year, and with Gen Z expected to comprise 36% of the workforce by 2020, working

EXPAND AND ENGAGE: 11 Tips on How to Expand Starter Lessons

New lessons provide new challenges and as teachers it's best to be prepared for them. Here in this article, Teacher Melissa will share 11 tips on how to expand on the content of the Starter Lessons.       Hello, teachers. My name is Melissa, and I have been a Qkids teacher for a little over a year. I love all the lessons- that's right even the starter lessons. One of the hottest topics on Qkid's Teacher's social media right now is how to expand these lessons. Let me help! And if you are not a teacher but interested in applying, please join my Facebook group here:     You can also apply immediately here:                                                                                                            Lesson Starters. Qkids has recently released a new set of lessons called "Lesson Starters." These lessons range in subjects such as vehicles,

Is Qkids the Best Job Ever?

I currently live in the grasslands of the Midwest, but I have lived all over the country. I like it here the most! I live in a very small rural town but I still have high-speed internet! I am a teacher, a mother (of 3 kids and 2 cats) and I LOVE my job! I have many, many years of teaching experience, including preschool, leadership camps, home-schooling, co-ops- and the list goes on. I have volunteered and held offices within the school districts. Education is a passion for me! I am a Marketing Major, currently finishing up my BBA. Qkids allows me to use my marketing skills and passion for teaching, all in one beautiful stay-at-home job. So Is Qkids the Best Job Ever? Imagine working with a company that valued you and listened to your feedback. A team that cared when you or your family were ill or even just over-whelmed. Imagine being thoroughly trained from day one, allowing you to be confident in your skills and abilities. Envision having a point of contact that was there