Top 5 Qualities of an Online Teacher

What makes a good online teacher? It is a question our teachers and potential teachers ask a lot and today Courtney is sharing her top 5 qualities of an online teacher.

Hello there. My name is Courtney, and I just celebrated teaching my 500th class with Qkids! Today we are going to talk about several valuable qualities of online ESL teachers. 
Have you ever been asked the interview question, “What qualities do you have that make you an ideal candidate for this position?” Regardless of the industry, it’s a very common inquiry of applicants, and I’ve been on both the giving and receiving end of this request.

Years of management experience and an MBA with Human Resource Management emphasis has provided me with insight into the realm of hiring. An employer is searching for the candidate who possesses and demonstrates the qualities most necessary to succeed within the specific job and most appreciated within organizational culture. On the flip side, entrants are aiming to match their qualities with a desirable employer and position to thus maximize their job satisfaction, success, and growth potential. Neither employer or employee wants a “bad fit,” thus the magic happens when they find in each other the qualities that ultimately fulfill both parties’ goals.

So let’s talk about some of the most valuable qualities of teachers in online ESL education. It’s likely that you’ve already self-reflected on this topic. If you’ve been considering a career in online teaching, or even if you’re a current Qkids teacher, you’ve surely thought to yourself, “Do I have what it takes?” As online ESL education grows in popularity, so does the demand for qualified, competent teachers. If you want to stand out and shine, what qualities are ideal?


Nozomi Morgan wrote an article for entitled, “The Art of Passionate Leadership”. Being a lover of sales and management, of course, I dove into this article! Morgan writes, “When I see people who really excel in their career or excel in life, I notice that they have a strong passion for what they do. That passion makes a world of difference. 

Think about it: imagine an employee who has a top-notch education. Imagine that this person has all the right strengths to excel, the knowledge and the experience. Now imagine that this person, though perhaps excessively equipped to handle the job, has no interest and is disengaged at work. Their heart isn’t in it.” (Morgan, 2015).

With passion comes enthusiasm. With passion comes drive, and joy, and caring. You may have the education and the certificate to teach English online, but do you have the passion for it? The kids will certainly know! Teachers with passion will likely excel in Qkids’ core competencies of Approachable, Student Emotional Support, and Interaction and Communication Style. When you’re passionate about what you do, you give it your all and you go above and beyond the expectations of your employer and yourself. Perhaps your passion is displayed through your creative use of props or spectacular teaching background. Maybe you sing for your students or take the time to thoughtfully expand on the lesson material. Do you uncover the interests of your students, and tie those interests into the lesson?

Self-Reflection: Do you feel passion for online education? How is your passion displayed in the classroom? Passion rarely goes unnoticed!


An online education platform cannot survive without teachers who possess professionalism. Our interactions with the customers, who are our students and their parents, are of the utmost importance. The customers’ experiences with us, as teachers, can make or break their commitment to booking more Qkids lessons! Analyze your level of professionalism, and ask yourself, “Am I the most professional version of myself when I am teaching?”

There are many ways to display professionalism online. Respecting lesson start and end times, committing to consistently using keywords and sentence structures from the lesson goals, and connecting decisions made in a lesson (ex. extension questions and free talk) to the lesson targets, are actions of a professional. These come straight out of the core competencies provided by Qkids! Professionalism also extends into our communication strategies too. Are you polite, honest and respectful when speaking with CCT and your coach? Do you display professionalism in your posts on the Qkids official Facebook groups?

 It’s important to note that credibility is a cornerstone for a competitive advantage, client satisfaction, and proper execution of curriculum. A teacher who takes their craft seriously will have seriously excellent results! Professional teachers follow the guidelines provided by Qkids. Take the time to read through new training and study the changes in policies. If you have questions, the Qkids staff and coaching teams are ready and willing to help provide clarity!

Additionally, professional teachers show up to class with clean and appropriate appearances. Professional teachers chose to take care of themselves when they are sick, instead of muddling through a class while displaying a nasal voice, or a constant cough, which is distracting for the students. Commit to acting in accordance with the procedures and recommendations that Qkids provides, and set yourself up to stand out by displaying your highest level of professionalism.
Self-ReflectionHow can you challenge yourself to be more professional today? Does your morning routine support a physical appearance in a class equivalent to that of a brick and mortar teacher? Are you thinking before you post on the Qkids-monitored Facebook groups?


Having been through the Qkids hiring process firsthand, I can say that there is an advantage to having the quality of preparedness when you embark on the teaching journey. The individual who prepares by studying the provided training videos, practicing the demonstrated techniques, and facilitating the games in the ways shown, will shine brightly.
Preparedness is also important when you are a hired Qkids teacher because it mitigates potential mishaps. There are a lot of complexities and challenges within an online classroom, but a teacher who takes the time and energy to prepare is best equipped to manage the learning environment. A prepared teacher understands the lesson materials and the goals that they need to accomplish with their students. They can incorporate a variety of the classroom’s teaching tools with ease, like the text box, spotlight, and highlight wand. They are experts on the platform.

There are many Facebook posts from teachers who display preparedness, and not just preparedness in the hiring process. From pristinely organized flashcards and props to printed notes that summarize the material learned in previous lessons, there are many ways to be prepared. Perhaps you keep a list of encouraging phrases near your desk, or a reference of the Yuan coins and bills. Preparedness looks differently for everyone, but you know if you are prepared or not! Don’t be the teacher who is caught off guard, because parents and students will notice. Do the necessary preparation that you require to display excellence in knowledge and understanding of the platform and of the lesson materials. Your expertise in these areas will result in green feedback for Sound Quality and Control, Button and Feature Operation, Productive Learning Setting, and Teacher Language Use!

Self-Reflection: How can I better understand and utilize the platform? Do I require additional reference materials nearby my desk to better understand the lesson materials?


We are responsible for the delivery of clear, accurate English when we speak and type in our classroom. The quality of excellent communication skills reduces written and oral errors when teaching, and it provides sound examples for students to build knowledge around. Our communication skills can help, or hurt, students as they aim to acquire the desired lesson goals. A teacher’s excellence in communication is essential to student success. We are teaching English, so we should be modeling our mastery at a high level of competence.
The core competencies of Teacher Language Use and Interaction and Communication Style are tied to our communication skills. Consider carefully reading over the teacher targets under these competencies in the platform! It’s essential to note that incorporating active body movement and body language, displaying easy-to-follow teacher talk, and using a good length of phrases, sentences and questions are especially important!    

Self-Reflection: Is my teacher talk as effective and understandable as it can be? Am I providing a clear display of English that can be easily followed and understood? Am I using a TESOL-sensitive way of talking?


How do you navigate change and uncertainty when it comes to teaching? Do you have the quality of adaptability? Being able to adapt to varying levels of student ability, and to their different needs and personalities, is essential to teacher success!
Adaptability is also important in organizational culture. Are you flexible to change, or do you resist change and often feel negative when change occurs? The world of online ESL education is changing rapidly, and it is impacted by new policies and new laws. Within our Qkids organization, we also have to adapt to new types of lessons like Starter, Adventure, and Science, or new procedures for scheduling. Do you have the willingness to learn and navigate change? Are you open to pursuing other class levels (like uppers), or phonics, if your coach asks that of you? Can you adjust your teaching style to excel with different ages of children or different types of classes? Are you analyzing student capabilities and adjusting your teaching to best help each student when feasible? Can you change your approach or actions when in a new situation?

Self-Reflection: Are you activating student participation through your ability to adapt? Do you have the adaptability to approach Qkid requests for the teaching of other lesson types with self-confidence and willingness to learn?

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Morgan, N. (2015, July 8). The Art of Passionate Leadership. Retrieved from  

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