Taking the Leap! Jumping into the Online Education World

There are always so many questions when applying for a job online and even more so when that job is a remote working role for a Chinese company. Today teacher Megan talks us through those questions and her answers to them. 
Hello, future online teachers! My name is Megan, and I am one of many happy teachers at Qkids!
But of course, I have not always been a member of the online teaching community.

I still remember when I first heard about online English teaching. A friend of mine told me that they had recently started working from home- for a company based halfway around the world!
It felt so mysterious at the time, and I remember having so many questions after that conversation.
How did all of this work? Do you really get paid? Is it more trouble than it’s worth, with a lot of class prep and trying to find material for the kids?
Now that I have found the answers to these questions, I wish that I had heard about online teaching sooner! Here are some tips for all you future online teachers out there!

How does it work?

When you find the company that is right for you, you apply for an interview. Qkids has a lovely hiring process- they give you the information you need to prepare for your interview, and they allow you to give staff a brief demonstration of your teaching. Don’t worry; this demo is mostly to make sure that you can work the classroom equipment and also see how your personality comes across to your eager young students! Prepare well, and just have fun with it!   

Do you really get paid?

One of my biggest concerns about teaching online was if I would be able to make a stable monthly income. The simple answer to this question is – yes! And it is easy to get paid. Qkids deposits your money directly into your bank account. Qkids also keeps an itemized list of your income throughout the month so that you can easily keep track.

 However, there are some more factors to keep in mind that many new teachers are unaware of:
- Usually, you will have a consistent weekly schedule. However, as is the case in most countries, students will have holidays or breaks where they might not attend class. There will be more quiet periods, but also busy seasons! I have found that it balances out, especially if you keep your availability consistent and reliable.
-When you first get started, it may take a few weeks to get a stable schedule. Don’t give up! You need to get settled in, but after the initial growing pains, you will be able to get your own regular student base.

Is it more trouble than it's worth?

There are a lot of teaching companies out there, and sometimes I hear about teachers who spend a lot of money, time and effort to create lesson plans for their students.
Of course, I commend them for their hard work!
But the truth is, the more time and energy that you need to spend collecting class material, the less money you are actually making per hour.
The good news is, with the Qkids platform, the work is done for you!
You are provided with the material and tools that you need to give the students amazing classroom experience. The lessons progress logically and clearly so that the student’s language skills can grow with each class! Of course, you will need to review the material ahead of time to prepare for class, but this can be done in less time than it takes many people to drive to the office!

After I started teaching online, I soon came to learn that any effort I put into my work was far outweighed by the rewards.
If you find a home in a wonderful company such as Qkids, you will enjoy the students, schedule, and experience more and more with every class!

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