My Biggest (& Only) Regret As An Online ESL Teacher

A lot of people learn about teaching online but take many months or years to make the jump and give it a go. Today you can hear about Katie's own story about her journey to teaching ESL for Qkids. 

Hi all! My name is Katie and I am an online teacher for Qkids, an ESL (English as a Second Language) company based in China. I started my online teaching journey in January 2018. I have worked in the education field for several years and hold a big place in my heart for working with children. An online teaching job that allowed me to spend more time with my family was like a dream come true in my world! However, I didn’t reach this point without one avoidable regret…
“Hello! My name is teacher Katie!”
This is typically the first thing I say in the morning with a giant smile on my face and a yummy coffee in hand. By the time my daughter has had breakfast, I’ve already taught four classes, finished my morning cup of joe, and contributed to my household income.
I first learned about online ESL teaching nearly two years before applying. That's right: TWO YEARS! Of course, I was interested at the time, but I could not convince myself to apply.

Why Did I Not Apply?

For one, I am NOT a tech person. The thought of navigating a tech program while teaching another language terrified me!
I am happy to report that the Qkids teaching platform is remarkably teacher-friendly! As a novice tech individual, my favorite things about the Qkids program are:

1. The rewards system for students is built-in!
2. Props, like stickers, are available at the click of a button!
3. Best of all, every lesson is programmed for you!

The second reason I did not apply right away is that it really seemed too good to be true. In my mind, a rewarding, stay-at-home job like this must come with a catch. I researched and Googled to no end. Even though I found many seemingly reliable reviews, I still had my doubts.

So, I ignored my better judgment (internally screaming ‘go for it!') and I put the idea behind me.

I wasted two years WONDERING what could have been. THAT is my biggest, as well as my only, regret in my online teaching journey. NOT taking that leap. NOT putting myself out there. I regret that.

Why I DID Apply

Fast forward two years later, and this seemingly too-good-to-be-true opportunity found me again. This time it was through a friend. A very trusted friend, at that. She, also a mom, made a social media post about bringing in extra income for her family through online teaching. I was more than intrigued this time. I was EXCITED! I was excited to know someone who was actually brave enough to go for it. So, I reached out and I asked questions. I mean, I asked A LOT of questions!
Is this a real job? How much does it pay? Can I really do this job in my pajamas? Are you sure this is real? What am I waiting for?!

What Happened Next

I went for it! I recorded my intro video, sent in my application, bugged my friend with many more questions, got hired, and honestly have not looked back!
Now, one of my favorite parts about being a Qkids teacher is helping others during their journey. I found a new calling creating videos for fellow teachers in which I cover everything from initial questions, details about the hiring process, and tips to better our skills as online ESL teachers.

What I’ve Learned Along the Way

This is a job. A REAL, online teaching job. Yes, you can do this from your own home. Heck, you can do this from your couch! Or your basement! Or, in my case, in a small corner of your toddler's playroom.

My Advice to YOU!

Take the leap! There are many current Qkids teachers out there to give honest answers, share tips, offer advice, and to support you in your journey. Do not be afraid to reach out to us and ask questions!

Also, if you are just getting started in your online teaching journey, or if you are a veteran teacher, this blog is a great place to find reliable information from other Qkids teachers! Keep reading, sharing and learning, because the best teachers are also learners!

If you’ve read this far, then you’re likely as interested as I once was.

The only question now is: Are you ready to go for it?

Happy Teaching!


Teacher Katie

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