5 Tips to Becoming an A+ Teacher

Last time we heard from Teacher Candace, she shared with us how she found her purpose with online ESL teaching. Today she shares 5 teacher tips on how to become the best teacher you can be.

1. Engage your students!

Engaging your students can be done in many different ways. Some teachers choose to use props to grasp the students' attention, some teachers use voice variation and over the top TPR. I find that it is best to gauge your students before opening up your level of integration for each class. This lets you see what level of excitement you can bring to the classroom. I start the class by asking students questions, and their answers will then lead me to know which steps I need to take to get the class pumped and ready to learn!

2. Be attentive to each student’s needs

Being attentive to each student can help you to see what level of learning they should be on and to ensure that you are using the correct language with them. It is very important that you use language that your audience will understand. Speaking to an adult is different than speaking with a child, it is the same in classroom settings where you are teaching children that do know some English verses children who are beginners to the English language.

3. Praise students for their accomplishments

Praising each student for their accomplishments gives them each a sense of gratitude. The warm fuzzy feeling you get when you know you've done something right? Yes, kids feel that too! It's important to let each child in the class know that they are valued. No matter the age, everyone loves to feel like we are valued and understood. The smiles on their faces with just a simple "Good job, Elsa!" It is enough to make your heart explode.

4. Build a connection with your students

Building a connection with each child can help them to feel comfortable from the moment they come into the classroom. Simple phrases like, "Welcome Tom, I love your Momo t-shirt!" can send an automatic signal to the child that the teacher is looking at me, the teacher is talking to me! We want every student that comes in our class to feel like they can enjoy learning the English language with someone that can connect with them too.

5. Correct students in a caring way

Correction is crucial to the ESL world. The students are there to learn correct pronunciation and it is our job to give them just that. There are many ways that you can correct a child for their mistakes, but there are also many ways that should not be used for children. I like to bring students on the stage to ensure we are hearing and understanding keywords and phrases correctly one by one. This lets me know that student A may need a little more work, while student B is understanding the material just fine. Correcting students shows that we, as teachers, care and want the children to learn the right way. So when I correct, I tell each student that they are doing a great job as well. Being positive and encouraging these students can make all of the difference in the classroom.

I hope that some of these tips can help you in your teaching career and lead you into the direction of a prosperous classroom!  


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