Are you a teacher who joined Qkids before June 1, 2019? Do you like to guide new teachers through the selection process? If so, we want to make sure you are totally ready to upgrade your knowledge as we have changed the steps that new teachers will go through during the Qkids selection process.

1) Take a close look at the Introduction to the Learning Resources and Self-Check document under Demos with Qkids. They tell you everything that is required and when, as well as all the information covered in the first three tutorial videos. This will be useful when trying to give your referrals a clear understanding of the next steps in the process and what will be expected of them.

2) Be sure to check out the video on Guiding Students under Demos with Qkids to have a clear idea about how Qkids has adapted its standard for basic teaching skills.

3) To mentor referrals, you should also be sure to tell them to practice, practice, practice in the Common and Tricky Games classrooms under Reference: Games and Platform. One of the biggest reasons people don’t progress through our selection process is not being confident and familiar with the tools in the platform. So give your referrals the edge by emphasizing this to them!

Qkids’ Coaching would be deeply grateful if you took 2 minutes to share feedback on these new materials and whether they can support your referrals better than before. Please go here and help out:


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