How to be an Online Teacher for Qkids

How to be an online teacher for Qkids is a question we hear a lot so today Cassandra will share her 5 tips to be the best you can be. So without further delay...

Teacher Cassie

Hello fellow, or inquiring Qkids teachers! My name is Cassandra (Cassie for short) and I absolutely love my job here at Qkids. I have been with the company since February 2019 and this job means everything to me. I have always worked in customer service, dealing with people (mostly adults), and even some volunteer work, so I have dealt with all walks of life. The uncharted path of teaching had never really crossed my mind, but when I decided to give it a try, it was the best thing to ever happen to me. I stumbled across ads for online teaching and I wondered, "could I do that?" 

I remember quitting my job to homeschool my stepdaughter, and I really enjoyed being able to stay with her, take care of the house and add more family time to my life, so this looked appealing to me. I have my Associate of Arts degree, experience with voluntary teaching in my community, and I got my TEFL certification, hurray! "Now what?", I thought. I remember applying to many online companies but they were very particular about their hires. No problem, I understood. Yet one day I got the email from Qkids offering an interview. Success! I was so happy, I had all the materials needed and was ready to start my journey. The process was fast, easy, and added so much joy to my day. So what are my thoughts about it now? Please join me for my personal experience and thoughts below:

Kids and Energy Levels

Let's face it, whether you have them or not, kids are kids. Something I have learned through working with Qkids is that since we can teach ages 4-12, we need to consider and adapt to all those ages. Some teachers are more skilled at being a silly monster with a puppet on hand and playing with 5 different dinosaurs at a time to get a laugh out of them, and others are better equipped for those pre-teens ready to give you blank stares and rolled eyes if you even dare to make a silly voice. But all in all, the kids are kids! Something will get through to them and it's our job to figure that out.

Qkids Platform

Qkids platform is easy to use, easily understood and everything is provided for you! The lessons, the tech, the curriculum to follow, and even the kiddos!! "So what do I need to do?" you may ask. Well, you need to have the proper equipment: the laptop, the camera, the headset, the lighting, and the fun versatile background. Oh, and some personality lol. Don’t be the 5th-period advisory teacher in middle school who read her novels silently for 45 minutes while you worked on homework waiting for the last period to start, be the free period teacher who always had games and a smile on her face ready to play, but teach in the process!


The parents signing up for these classes care so much about their children being well versed in English so they can lead happy, successful lives with opportunities waiting for them at every corner, so check your attitude about this job! If you approach online teaching as a way to supplement your current job or fill the void of staying at home and get paid in the process then maybe try baking or something first haha. The attitude of 'I'll just work here, smile a little and get paid' won't do you, the parents, the company, or the kids any good. The attitude you need when even thinking of applying for this job should be " I love the idea of helping a child learn something to better their lives, I can't wait to wake up and be ready as ever to see who I'll meet next! Will they be a sweet little one who wants to share a story of their day? Their favorite toy maybe? Or sing one of the songs as loud as possible in the lesson? Or will they be shy and awaiting my connection with them to make them open up a little so they enjoy learning this language? Maybe I'll get a pre-teen ready to play it cool and know all the material and I can use my knowledge of English and the material to challenge them even further and they'll leave with a brand-new thought or concept!"


True, it can be hard depending on the time zone, to wake up, look professional, smile and full of energy, but have you heard of coffee? “Um, I can’t have caffeine” well then like I said, try baking first lol. Anyways, the point of all this is that we have a great opportunity to be a part of something beautiful. Teaching children who absorb all they learn like sponges, and teaching them to interact, learn about different cultures, learn about music, and learn English! What a privilege! All thanks to Qkids for their hard work and dedication to this program.
Another thing, remember that as much as we want everything to go smoothly in this process, so does the company! So be understanding if and when you don't get every day, time or the child you want, and remember, it's the attitude that makes the difference. Trust the company, trust the program, trust the process, and have fun. Children are not a means to a paycheck, they are counting on us to teach them and help them develop a skill, and we count on them to make our job full of happiness and new experiences, not for money.

Let's Get Real

Take pride in the fact you work with Qkids, this is a real job, you are a real teacher, no matter your background, degree level, or level of experience, you are "Teacher_____" and you are a real teacher with real students! Be happy! Be grateful! Give into this job what you want to get out of it, happiness, experience, patience, kindness, willingness to learn as much as a willingness to teach, and be thankful these parents care so much about their children that you can wake up to drink coffee earlier in the day before you go to WORK. So, do you want to be Mr. or Miss. Bakes-a-lot-because-I-just-want-a-paycheck, or Mr. or Miss. Teacher for Qkids? I choose Qkids! Have fun teaching!

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