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Hey, there! My name is Courtney, and I live in Pennsylvania with my husband and three children. I enjoy teaching phonics and L1-5. July 15th will mark my six-month anniversary with Qkids!

Let’s Talk about Passion

Merriam-Webster defines passion as, "a strong liking, or desire for, or devotion to, some activity, object, or concept." There are many things for which we have passion. I'm sure that you can quickly name one or two! I have many passions, including drinking coffee, cooking, and couponing. However, one of the passions dearest to my heart is ESL teaching with Qkids!  

Passion for teaching may be new in my life (I began with Qkids in January of 2019), but I have embraced it with intensity and obsession! Can you relate? We spend hours studying the teaching tips posted by fellow teachers on the House of Qkids Facebook page. We roam the aisles of Target and the Dollar Store, determined to create a Pinterest-worthy teaching background. Then there is the fixation over the green and gray parental feedback tags. All of this derives from a passion for ESL teaching!

What I’d like to propose to you today is to approach parental feedback tags with purpose and positivity. What do I mean by this? Be receptive to constructive criticism. Approach parental feedback with the same passion and drive that you have for teaching as a whole. What a hard thing to do, though! Hey, just hear me out. 


I remember when I was bestowed my first grey tags. They occurred over two back-to-back days in February. If only someone had warned me that, “Winter is coming,” because I was not prepared for the wave of feelings that I felt in the following days. The feedback included “low interactivity,” “needs more even encouragement,” and “difficult to follow.” Being my first poor reviews, I felt defeated, discouraged, and sad. When you pour yourself into a class, and the feedback doesn’t match your perception, those are understandable feelings. Have you been there, too?

It took time for me to recognize that I was approaching the gray tags in an unhealthy way. Actually, I felt negative about myself and my ability to teach, and I had anxiety over future class feedback for several weeks after those tags. I was letting parental feedback cloud my passion! In time, I realized that I needed to have a different view of feedback tags. Since then, my passion for teaching has been as strong as ever!

When you receive a gray tag, it's your choice what you will do with it. You choose how you will feel about it. You choose if you will reflect on it or not. You choose if you will use it to better your teaching. I would advise you to purposefully train yourself to respond, "Ok, here is an opportunity!" Find a passion for parental feedback, and welcome constructive criticism as a means to polish your abilities. This is a hard skill to master, and it takes time, determination and will. However, I can attest that focusing on the "positives" gained from gray tags (like honing your volume control skills, or using more precise, clear instructional phrases), will better benefit your teaching than my previous approach of mental sulking!
I urge you to read over the new “Teacher Reference: 11 Core Competencies Categories” in the T-Review tab of the teacher platform. Qkids writes, “We hope that this reference can support each teacher in being as reflective, adaptive, responsive, creative and confident as you wish to be to support learners and maintain strong performance.”
Qkids’ workplace culture is very supportive! They also listen to teachers’ feedback, and then they improve their own platform and protocols. We should mimic this approach in our digestion of parental feedback tags. It’s worth reading again….” We hope that this reference can support each teacher in being as reflective, adaptive, responsive, creative and as confident as you wish to be…” It is a personal choice to view, and use, feedback as a means to improve your craft.

My hope is that your passion for teaching will burn like an endless flame. May you receive feedback with a positive outlook, and fuel yourself with the opportunity to continuously improve!
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