Diamonds - What is Your Reason for Teaching Online with Qkids?

Hi there! Teacher Melissa here, but you can call me “Teacher M.” I live in the great Alamo city, San Antonio, Texas. I am a Spurs basketball fan, an English major at UTSA, and a dog mom to my adorable pooch named “Cat.” I am also a Qkids teacher, and I love every minute of it. My teacher assistant is my panda friend named “MeiMei.” We are an ESL team!

Have you heard about diamonds yet? No, I’m not talking about diamonds we teachers hand out to students. I am talking about the hidden diamonds; the diamonds teachers get. Still don't know what I am talking about?

The students! Every morning, I wake up to the thought of seeing my Chinese students, and it becomes the highlight of my day. I teach all levels of kids English, from the adorable, shy, but excited Level 1 students, to the creative and talkative Level 10’s. I love them all, each with their own traits and quirks. I have loved my experience with every single student I have had, and each one is unique in their own ways. 
I get to know the personalities of my students in the introduction to the lesson, which is my favorite section. From this section, I can learn how to adapt the lesson to fit each unique student. I have so many memorable moments to share. 
Most recently I had a chatty, little girl of about 9 years old in a Level 8 class whose classmates did not show up for the day because of a Chinese holiday. She and I began the intro section (before class started) discussing our favorite animals. She loves dogs and cats, and when I told her I had a dog named "Cat", she thought it was hilarious. She flew through the slides and games with eagerness, and when it was time to go, she asked to see my dog. I thought for a second as I wondered if this would break any rules. Remembering how pet-friendly Qkids is, I held my finger up and smiled. "Just a second", I said. I ran into my bedroom and lifted my confused, mixed terrier pooch and brought her to the screen. The little girl beamed with excitement as she yelled, "She is adorable, but she looks nothing like a cat!

Now I get it. You were being ironic." I laughed in surprise and said, "That was an incredible use of a vocabulary word. "Where did you learn this word?" She laughed and said, "My dad always does stupid stuff, and my mom says he should stop being ironic." I smiled. Embarrassed, the adorable little girl giggled and said, "No! No! But you did not do something stupid. Oh! I should learn this word better." 

Unfortunately, time was up, and I had to say goodbye to this incredibly witty and smart student, but I always look for her name every time I get an upper-level class hoping I see her again. I had another memorable moment just this morning in a 1-on-1 class. Incredibly focused and eager to learn English, George greeted me with a smile and introduced me to his mother who sat next to him. He laughed at literally everything I said. He made me feel like the best teacher in the world. I say "Again" a lot in a repetitive tone for my younger kids while playing the games because I feel like it helps them grasp the meaning of the word. This tickled him to pieces. He kept repeating it and laughing "Again! Again! Again!" Then, when we got to the Leader Board, he asked me for a Superman sticker, and I zoomed Superman all around the screen as he laughed, and in that same tone I used in the class, he yells "Again!" I made Superman bigger as I zoomed him around again, while George kept yelling “Again” whenever I stopped.
I get paid to have fun and make kids laugh, although, they make me laugh just as often. I enjoy finding new ways for each student to enjoy learning English online, and often, like with the case of George, they do not even realize they are learning. Teachers, THAT is your diamond. Teaching English to Chinese kids gives me the opportunity to wake up to something I enjoy. From helping a kid pronounce a word correctly, to decorating trophies with diamonds and flowers, Qkids is filled with exciting moments every single day, and I just know that there are many potential Qkids teachers out there just waiting to be found. If you would like to apply to Qkids, check out the link below. Also, I have a cool hiring page on Facebook. By simply using my link to apply, I become your mentor, and I am here for you even after you are hired. Apply now to get started with this fun and rewarding job. You will love yourself for it!

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