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My Most Memorable Qkids Moment

Every Qkids teacher has a moment that stays with them. It can be a funny moment, a student finally mastering the lesson or just a profound moment that touches them across the distance. Here, Viki shares the moment that touched her. Enjoy. Hello Qkids teachers and prospective teachers. My name is Viki and I have my Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Pennsylvania State University. I have been a Qkids teacher for nearly a year and it is the best job I have ever had! Every day, my life is enriched by experiencing a different culture and connecting with wonderful brilliant children from the other side of the world. If you are thinking of applying for Qkids, I would love to mentor you! Simply visit and use my code ETGNAS. If you are already a teacher and want any additional tips, find me on Instagram @eslteacherviki and on Facebook @Viki Kay. I wanted to take a few minutes to share a touching experience. Today, while I was teachin

Feedback - Make the Choice to Use Feedback to Improve Your Craft  

Hey, there! My name is Courtney, and I live in Pennsylvania with my husband and three children. I enjoy teaching phonics and L1-5. Ju ly  15th will mark my six-month anniversary with Qkids! Let’s Talk about Passion Merriam-Webster defines passion as, "a strong liking, or desire for, or devotion to, some activity, object, or concept." There are many things for which we have passion. I'm sure that you can quickly name one or two! I have many passions, including drinking coffee, cooking, and couponing. However, one of the passions dearest to my heart is ESL teaching with Qkids!   Passion for teaching may be new in my life (I began with Qkids in January of 2019), but I have embraced it with intensity and obsession! Can you relate? We spend hours studying the teaching tips posted by fellow teachers on the House of Qkids F acebook page. We roam the aisles of Target and the Dollar Store, determined to create a Pinterest-worthy teaching background. Then there is the fi

Diamonds - What is Your Reason for Teaching Online with Qkids?

Hi there! Teacher Melissa here, but you can call me “Teacher M.” I live in the great Alamo city, San Antonio, Texas. I am a Spurs basketball fan, an English major at UTSA, and a dog mom to my adorable pooch named “Cat.” I am also a Qkids teacher, and I love every minute of it. My teacher assistant is my panda friend named “MeiMei.” We are an ESL team! Have you heard about diamonds yet? No, I’m not talking about diamonds we teachers hand out to students. I am talking about the hidden diamonds; the diamonds teachers get. Still don't know what I am talking about? The students! Every morning, I wake up to the thought of seeing my Chinese students, and it becomes the highlight of my day. I teach all levels of kids English, from the adorable, shy, but excited Level 1 students, to the creative and talkative Level 10’s. I love them all, each with their own traits and quirks. I have loved my experience with every single student I have had, and each one is unique in their own way


Are you a teacher who joined Qkids before June 1, 2019?  Do you like to guide new teachers through the selection process? If so, we want to make sure you are totally ready to upgrade your knowledge  as we have changed the steps that new teachers will go through during the Qkids selection process. 1)  Take a close look at the Introduction to the Learning Resources and Self-Check document under Demos with Qkids. They tell you everything that is required and when, as well as all the information covered in the first three tutorial videos.  This will be useful when trying to give your referrals a clear understanding of the next steps in the process and what will be expected of them. 2)  Be sure to check out the video on Guiding Students under Demos with Qkids to have a clear idea about how Qkids has adapted its standard for basic teaching skills. 3)  To mentor referrals, you should also be sure to tell them to practice, practice, practice in the Common and Tricky Games cl

"S-s-s Spider!": When A Lesson Becomes Reality! 

They say life imitates art but in this case, life imitates our phonics classroom. Read Courtney's story below! Courtney lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and three children. In her free time, she enjoys couponing, cooking, and cruising! She is a life-long learner and has an MBA and 150-hour TEFL Master Certification. I teach the "S" phonics lesson at least once or twice a week. It's a favorite of mine because I love mimicking Koby's petrified reaction to the spider. Poor Koby, he is basically in tears and running for his life when he sees the 8-legged embodiment of terror!  It's always fun when the kids join in on the frantic waving and shrieks of, "Oh, no! SPIDER!"  Have you ever taught a lesson that you can relate to? I mean, like REALLY relate to? When you teach the lesson, you say to yourself, "Yep, this has happened to me, too, Koby!" Well, the letter "S" lesson is that lesson for me.  On Thursday, May

How to be an Online Teacher for Qkids

How to be an online teacher for Qkids is a question we hear a lot so today Cassandra will share her 5 tips to be the best you can be. So without further delay... Teacher Cassie Hello fellow, or inquiring Qkids teachers! My name is Cassandra (Cassie for short) and I absolutely love my job here at Qkids. I have been with the company since February 2019 and this job means everything to me. I have always worked in customer service, dealing with people (mostly adults), and even some volunteer work, so I have dealt with all walks of life. The uncharted path of teaching had never really crossed my mind, but when I decided to give it a try, it was the best thing to ever happen to me. I stumbled across ads for online teaching and I wondered, "could I do that?"  I remember quitting my job to homeschool my stepdaughter, and I really enjoyed being able to stay with her, take care of the house and add more family time to my life, so this looked appealing to me. I have my Associ