Why Qkids?

Why Qkids is a question many aspiring teachers will find themselves asking. So today we let Adalee tell us her answer to the question, why Qkids.

Adalee lives in North Carolina and loves traveling. She is in her final semester for her Bachelor of Education and has years of teaching and tutoring experience. She is passionate about the education of children, discovering new ways to grow as a teacher and is Koby’s Number One Fan!   

I have been teaching for Qkids for more than a year now and absolutely love it. I have taught more than 1,500 classes and can unquestionably state that I enjoyed every single one of them. I am so glad that you are exploring this amazing opportunity to teach online and am so excited for the adventure that awaits you!

What makes Qkids so special? 

Let me tell you why Qkids is the absolute best platform to teach for, using all of my favorite F words. (No, not THAT F word J)

Why Qkids? Because Qkids is flexible. You can change your schedule weekly and can request time off as needed. You can cancel classes with no fines as long as you give 5 or more hours’ notice.

Why Qkids? Because Qkids is fun. The platform is engaging and interactive with games, activities, and animations. It allows students to truly have fun while learning, which not only results in them actively participating and having an effective learning experience but also results in you having more fun as a teacher as well.

Why Qkids? Because the lessons are not only fun but are also funny. I dare you to get through one single lesson without cracking a smile at Koby’s silly antics. Not possible.

Why Qkids? Because Koby is my absolute favorite. I may or may not be slightly Koby obsessed, but what is not to love about his mischievous and lazy self?  #TeamKoby #Spiritanimal

Why Qkids? Because Qkids has a fabulous support team.  I have never once had a bad experience with anyone working for Qkids. They are all understanding, encouraging and simply fabulous. Qkids has a phenomenal amount of support with many different teams that are ready and willing to support you as you embark on your online teaching journey. Every teacher at Qkids is assigned a coach to answer questions and support teachers with encouragement and helpful teaching techniques and strategies.

Why Qkids? Because the students are fantastic. They are (almost always) eager to learn and are (always) absolutely adorable. Qkids loves their students and truly wants them to succeed so they go above and beyond to provide students with many valuable tools and resources and extra learning materials, so I find, that the students they are often highly advanced and able to hold a good conversation with you and follow along with the lessons.

Why Qkids? Because Qkids gives teachers the freedom to be themselves. You can really find your best fit with Qkids and they allow you the freedom to be your best self and shine as a teacher in your own way. There are no strict bottom lines, no secondary rewards, no strict dress code or prop requirements. Qkids believes in you as a teacher and gives you the freedom, to be yourself (even if, like me, you’re a little bit odd). Maybe you like to use puppets, maybe you like to sing, maybe you like to wear fun headbands, maybe you wear a ring, maybe you like the color purple, maybe you like the color blue, maybe you write terrible poetry, that’s cool, because I do too! Whoever you are, whatever you like, there will be a spot for you! (especially if you’re a llamacorn. Llamacorns are always welcome)

Why Qkids? Because with Qkids, you can have a far-reaching effect on the lives of others. Teaching for Qkids is so spectacular because you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of your students every day. Learning English can open many doors for them in life and you are blessed with the chance to set them on the path of English language learning success.

Why Qkids? Because Qkids is family. The teachers and the staff form a community that feels like family. A supportive and inspiring family that works together as a team to accomplish one mutual goal; Giving students an amazing learning experience so that they can grow and achieve success.
Join this crazy Qkids Family today!

I promise you that you will absolutely love this flexible job opportunity and will have so much fun teaching the fantastic students and getting to know the fabulous Qkids staff! I can’t wait for you to join in on Koby’s funny adventures and to enjoy the freedom of being your fabulous self!

Adalee loves teaching for Qkids and having the freedom to be her freaking weird self.
She would love to be your feisty mentor and can help you get started today.
Use her code MCUFFN to apply or Join her facebook group for more info.

Happy teaching! 
Qkids Teacher Adalee/Koby's No.1 Fan


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