Why Qkids? Why I Love Teaching Online

If you are looking to work from home, and love teaching children, Qkids is the company for you! Seriously, I am SO loving my experience. It is THE BEST!  

Just to give a little background about myself: I live in Nevada with my awesome husband and two children. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and started my nursing career in 2008. I've worked in many different areas including neurology, trauma, orthopedics, and research. My hobbies include crafting and crocheting.

Being a nurse is fantastic. You meet so many people from different walks of life and are able to make a difference in their lives as well as their families’. Furthermore, you get to help improve someone’s quality of life. One of the things I loved most about nursing was the education part of it. You are constantly educating patients and their families regarding diagnoses, procedures, medications, and physical restrictions (if necessary) in hopes that when they are discharged from the hospital or clinic, they will live their best lives. After 11 years in nursing, I felt that it was time to make a change and follow another dream.

I have always wanted to be a teacher and Qkids has given me the opportunity to pursue that dream. The only experience I had with teaching, prior to Qkids, was educating patients and their families during my nursing career and teaching my kiddos the alphabet, numbers, animals, etc… at home. I feel so fortunate to have been offered a contract with Qkids because it is SO rewarding and I find that I am able to apply what I’ve learned from teaching children using the Qkids platform to teaching my own children.

I never knew how much I would love teaching until I started with Qkids. Teaching is such a wonderful thing!  My goals as a teacher include ensuring that children are having fun learning and are able to retain as well as understand what is being taught.

“What we learn with pleasure we never forget.” –Alfred Mercier

I know you’re thinking out of all the online ESL programs out there, why Qkids? There are so many reasons, but here a couple:

Qkids makes teaching a breeze! The lesson plans are so well developed and easy to follow. You are also given the freedom to teach a lesson however you desire as long as you meet the objectives.
The children you meet are so smart and awesome. There are days where teaching can be a little challenging, but it is still worth it. You learn about your teaching style as well as different ways to address and/or handle certain situations (such as student distractions, technical difficulties, children not quite understanding certain concepts, etc...). You also learn to adapt and cater to each student’s needs. The experience you gain with Qkids will make you the best teacher you can be!
The Qkids team is great at providing feedback if needed or requested. The trainers are awesome!

Scheduling is easy; all you do is email your availability and the Qkids team schedules classes for you. If you are unable to teach a class for whatever reason, it is recommended that you request off at least 5 hours before a scheduled class. You will not be penalized. (I do suggest that if you have any inkling that you potentially may not be able to teach a scheduled class, to give the scheduling team more than a 5-hour notice, preferably at least 24 hours, but that is just me.) J   

There are opportunities to earn bonuses. (There is the attendance and the performance bonus; $1 each. Note that you must teach at least 15 classes to qualify for the attendance bonus. The performance bonus is determined by your rating. As long as your rating is between 4 to 5 (scored by the parents/students) you qualify for the performance bonus.)  

Did I mention you can work from home?? Hehe

Cool, right??

I can’t tell you enough how happy I am to be a part of this company.  It is a great feeling to know that you are making a difference (no matter how small) in a child’s life. If you are thinking of applying to Qkids, I say “Go for it!” The requirements can be found here: https://teacher.qkids.net/faq and I am happy to answer any questions you may have.  You can reach me on facebook: @KimArceoMoore or find me on Instagram @KimsCraftMedley.

My referral code is: ZCGJQV
I recommend working for Qkids wholeheartedly.


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