Five Ways to Improve Your Feedback and Reviews

Teacher Viki tells us 5 methods she used to improve her feedback and response. Take a look below and get in touch if you want more great teaching tips like these.

Hello Qkids teachers and prospective teachers. My name is Viki and I have my Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Pennsylvania State University. I have been a Qkids teacher for nearly a year and it is the best job I have ever had! Every day, my life is enriched by experiencing a different culture and connecting with wonderful brilliant children from the other side of the world.

If you are thinking of applying for Qkids, I would love to mentor you! Simply visit and use my code ETGNAS.  If you are already a teacher and want any additional tips, find me on Instagram @eslteacherviki.

I have learned many things by trial and error in this past year. Today, I’m going to discuss five ways to improve your feedback and reviews. These five simple tips and tricks have increased my reviews, feedback, and bonuses. 
Presenting your best self has a strong impact. When I first started with Qkids, I rushed into the classroom every morning without taking much time on my appearance. I didn’t look my best and it trickled down to me not feeling my best and ultimately, my performance suffered.

1.) Focus on Your Appearance

Recently, I began spending about 45 seconds on my appearance by applying lipstick to my lips and cheeks. This minor change has made all the difference. When I look better, I feel better and perform better.

2.) Drink Caffeine or Juice Before Class

Drinking caffeine may seem a bit obvious but it’s very important for success on this platform. Waking up before the sun rises can be a big struggle when your internal clock is telling you to go back to sleep.

I have found that the best way to fight my exhaustion is to put two tea bags in my morning cup. Amping up my energy level has given me a more competitive edge to teach at a higher capacity. Caffeine has greatly helped my performance.

3.) Increase Your Total Physical Response (TPR)

Total physical response (TPR) is a language teaching method that is based on the combination of both spoken language and physical movements or actions. The general idea is that children learn a language best by hearing, seeing and physically acting out the words.

Personally, TPR hasn’t always been my strong suit. For my first few months of teaching, I struggled to remember to use TPR. I knew I wanted to improve my ratings, so I started watching YouTube videos of other teachers successfully teaching with TPR. These videos were very important for me because they gave me a visual representation that I could model. I initially felt awkward using hand motions but after watching many videos and practicing, I started to use TPR more naturally.

Honestly, TPR is still an area that I have to focus on. Recently, I have created a new rule of thumb: Every sentence I speak MUST HAVE at least one body motion in it. By creating a tangible daily goal, I am able to become a better teacher, one day at a time.

4.) Improve Your Backdrop

Many teachers overlook the power of a bright creative backdrop. A backdrop sets the scene for a lesson and it’s the first thing the students and parents notice. If your background is dull, you are starting your lesson at a disadvantage and fighting for the students' attention. If your backdrop is dynamic, you are starting your lesson with an advantage because you have already set the stage for a fun class.

Creating a dynamic backdrop is an investment of both time and money but it’s well worth it. 

5.) “Keep It Fresh”

In life, I have found that anything I do repetitively has the potential to get old and stagnant. When it comes to teaching, I combat the monotony by changing my teaching methods and learning as many new skills as I can.

Visually, I keep my classroom fresh by changing my backdrop, decorating for each season and wearing fun seasonal headbands. For example this spring, I added eggs to my backdrop and started wearing a bunny-ears headband.

Academically, I keep my teaching fresh by watching YouTube videos, taking classes and learning as many new skills as I can.

Hopefully, this article has helped some of you! If you have any questions or want any additional tips, find me on Instagram @eslteacherviki. If you are thinking of applying, I would love to mentor you! Simply visit and use my code ETGNAS.


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