You Might be a Qkids Teacher if...

Have you ever thought, I wonder if everyone teaching for Qkids does this? Well, wonder no more as Teacher Adalee takes us through this fun list.

1. If you find yourself giving everyone you meet a thumbs up or attempting to high five your waitress.

2. If you tell your significant other, “Great Job, I’m so proud of you” for taking out the trash.

3. If you go out in public and notice you are getting some strange looks and realize you are still wearing butterfly wings on your head.

4. If every mug you own looks like this.

5. If your morning routine goes somewhat like this

6. If this is your reaction every time you hear the sound of the standby ding.

7.  If your desk looks like this at the end of your classes.

8. If this is your reaction every time you see a gray tag on your feedback details.

9. If you’ve made this face while teaching an upper-level lesson.

10. If you die a little bit of happiness every time you see how cute your students are.

11. If you feel incredibly thankful to be teaching for Qkids and to have the best job in the world.

If any or all of the above applies to you, I think it is safe to say, you’re almost certainly a Qkids Teacher. If this does not apply to you, but you’d like for it too, apply today!

This list was compiled by Teacher Adalee who is DEFINITELY a Qkids teacher. 

Happy Teaching!
Teacher Adalee
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