Referring Teachers to Maximize Your Earning Potential

Recently many teachers have found that Facebook is blocking them from leaving their referral link in messages and posts. This seems to be a shift towards stricter enforcement of an existing rule. We know it has probably thrown a few of you so we asked one of our top referring teachers, Adalee, to give you some tips on how she gets around the policy and guides her candidates through the hiring process.

Teacher Adalee

I love teaching for Qkids and have taught more than 1,500 classes. The pay for teaching is great but due to the time difference between North America and China it can be tricky time-wise for many teachers to teach classes in all of the time slots available. Referring friends and family to become Qkids Teachers is not only a wonderful way to bring joy into their lives but a great way to boost your earning potential as well. You can earn $100 per successful referral and that can really make a difference in your maximum monthly income. I have been referring and mentoring applicants for more than a year now and have successfully helped many applicants apply and become official Qkids Teachers. I find it absolutely thrilling to see the impact teaching for Qkids has on their lives and the impact their phenomenal teaching skills can have on Qkids students.

Here are some tips and tricks I have learned along my referring journey to help you as you begin yours.

Recruiting Referrals

To get started, you will, of course, need to recruit some referrals. The easiest way to do this is to start with your own friends and family and the local community.

  • Share funny moments from your classes and how much you love your job.  Tell your child`s teachers, your church congregation, fellow soccer moms, co-workers, your bank teller, your waitress, and your mailman. :=)

  • Ask if you can post a flyer in local businesses, libraries, gyms, and schools. You never know who could be looking for an amazing opportunity to work from home and would love to have an opportunity to teach.
  • Join local Facebook groups in your area to find potential applicants - perhaps a meetup group for mothers or a group for local runners. (Hint: Type in your city’s name in the search bar and see what shows up under groups) Be sure to check the group rules on posting. Some have specific guidelines on when advertisements for jobs, etc., can be posted and some do not allow it at all.
  • Avoid leaving your referral link in posts and comments as Facebook has recently taken a must sterner view of this. Instead, connect and share your referral code in private messages.

Tips on Recruitment

  • Create and post high-quality content when posting in Facebook groups. Be sure to give accurate information and ensure that your post is grammatically correct and provides adequate details about the job.
  • Avoid making Qkids seem as though it is a scam by spamming groups or posts.
  • If you see a teacher has already commented with a referral link for Qkids or discussed them already in the comments, I suggest that you do not post your own link as well. This can make Qkids seem like an MLM company and not a legitimate job.
  • As Facebook is enacting strict rules against posting referral links, carefully monitor these groups for posts where you can comment and share about Qkids without breaking group rules and getting flagged by Facebook police. (e.g. a local mom posts and asks if anyone knows of someone hiring)

Mentoring Your Referrals

Once you have successfully recruited some interested applicants your next step will be the most important and the most rewarding. Mentoring your referrals. If you really want to be successful in referring, you will not want to just drop your referral code and run. Your referrals will likely have many questions and without the answers to these questions, they may become overwhelmed and not continue with the hiring process. Stay in contact to answer questions, keep them motivated and inspired and help them every step of the way.

Step One - Applying

The first step to joining Qkids is the application and demo video and you will want to help them submit this. You can send them an example of a great application video (check YouTube to select the best ones or send them your own) and some tips on how they can ensure their video is accepted. (e.g. big smiles, TPR and showcasing a nice range of emotions and vocal tones) Be sure they understand how to submit their application and to include their computer specs and resume. Inform them about TESOL certificates and encourage them to obtain one.

Step Two - Demo 1 and Demo 2

Be sure your referrals feel confident and prepared for Demo 1 and Demo 2. From my experience referring, I have learned that Demo 1 is often mistaken as more of a training session instead of a demonstration of skills already learned. Although the trainers in Demo 1 are very helpful and will provide lots of great advice, ensure that your referrals are prepared to demonstrate their ability to use the Qkids platform, as well as the games, in the practice classroom and that they fully understand what will be expected of them.

Step Three - Trial Classes

From my experience, this is where your referrals may need the most help. Prep them for the trials and help create a picture of what they can expect when they enter their first trial class. Think back to your first class and how nervous you might have been. What do you wish you would have known? What would you have done differently? Share these thoughts with your referrals. Guide them to truly rock their trial classes and give the students an amazing experience. Often, they may not understand how to play all of the games in these classes and thats where your expertise comes in. Have them send you screenshots of things they do not fully understand and give them all of your best advice on how to successfully complete their trials.

Step Four - Continue Mentoring

Continue to support them even after they are hired. Inform them about scheduling, standby classes, and payment schedules. Answer their questions and continue to assist them with lesson content they may not have seen before. Help them get started along their Qkids journey and enjoy watching them grow as teachers and loving every minute of their new job!

Share the Love

Above all, let your love of teaching shine so bright that everyone will want to join you. Share with your friends and family and community how Qkids has enriched your life. Share with them how much you love teaching and what the extra money has done for your family. Be sure to let everyone know that teaching for Qkids helps pay for your family vacations, pays off your student loans or maybe paid for that nose job you have always wanted. :) (or is that just me? :D ) 

If teaching hasnt quite done those things yet, get started referring today so that in the future, it can and will boost your monthly income substantially.

If you are reading this and have not yet applied at Qkids, please use my referral code MCUFFN so that I can help YOU through the hiring process and help you get started on your Qkids teaching journey. I would love to answer your questions and be YOUR mentor so please reach out so that I can support you via my Facebook group. I am so excited for you as you begin this amazing adventure and promise to support you every step of the way.

Happy teaching! 
Qkids teacher Adalee


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