My Most Memorable Moment in Qkids

Qkids Teacher Corey

Corey is a Qkids teacher from SW Florida who loves spending time and going on adventures with her husband and two boys. She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Psychology, her teaching certificate in Social Science and loves to grow and learn any chance she gets. A little known fun fact about Corey is that she is a beekeeper! She has been a family photographer for the past 10 years and loves to make people smile and share memories wherever she goes.


Who needs coffee when you have Qkids? I start almost every morning teaching online ESOL and it never fails to give me the boost I need to start my day as a stay-at-home mother of two boys. Expect the unexpected is my new morning mantra. I’ve had students who answer in robot voices, I’ve taught unicorns, and even twins who answer in unison. There is never a dull moment once I click that winking Momo icon on my desktop to start my day.

FYI, it looks like this

My most memorable class to date would have to be a 1v4 class that had three male students. The lesson was about food, learning to make fried rice to be exact. Now these boys were as silly as could be and I loved every second of it. In general, there will be 1 or 2 silly students in any given class; rarely will every student in a class be the same level of hilarious. The lesson was going great; the boys were participating, upbeat, answering correctly and paying attention perfectly. I couldn't have asked for anything more, or so I thought.

We made it to the typing slide and the question was something in regards to what the students would like to put in their fried rice. The typing slide can go great or very wrong when students are being silly. I've seen a lot of typing random letters (even when they know how to type well) or clicking the enter key to cover the whole screen with their text box, but not these boys! They answered things like "I would put vegetables in my fried rice" or "I would put eggs in my fried rice." One student named Peter, however, typed things like "I would put pizza and an iPhone in my fried rice!"

I always type an answer to the question as well and have the students read it once they are finished typing and reading their answers. So I started to type, “I would put vegetables and Peter in my fried rice!” Once they all noticed what I was typing, they lost it. We all cracked up with laughter and they started to add ‘teacher’ to their list of ingredients. It was absolutely hilarious. We regained our composure and finished the lesson with the same amount of enthusiasm as it was started.

Then we got to the Leader Board. I put each student up on stage, praised them and asked what sticker they'd like, as always. Usually, the students will choose a preprogrammed sticker like Spiderman or Koby, but not Peter. Peter wanted me to draw. His request? A plate of fried rice with him, his classmates and me on top. The other boys chimed in with the addition of a slice of pizza and a fox. We lost it again and laughed the rest of the leaderboard as I terribly drew this smorgasbord of craziness.

I’ve had so many memorable moments while teaching with Qkids. Every day is a new experience filled with new friends. Embrace the chaos, expect the unexpected and laugh all the laughs!

If making memories and a huge difference in the lives of children from around the world sounds like an awesome way to start your day, please reach out and I can help you in every step of your journey into becoming a Qkids teacher. You can apply to Qkids at VGOXUP. Let’s raise our coffee mugs to fun, laughter, learning and working in your pajamas from the comfort of your own home!  

Happy Teaching!
-Teacher Corey


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