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Did I Hide, or Order Dessert? Empathy and Online Teaching

Today teacher Kelly shares with us her own experience of language and shows us how a little empathy and attention can go a long way in making a great Qkids teacher.
I had been to many pyramids in Mexico. The pyramids in Monte Albán (Mexico) were breathtaking. I walked those incredible Mayan ruins until my legs felt like they were going collapse under me. When it was time to go, I was famished. About 10 minutes after we arrived at a restaurant, I felt my heart starting to pound faster. I kept skimming the menu, decoding unsuccessfully. Where were the things I was used to seeing? Where were the tortas, sopas, and taquitos?  The other exchange students knew what they wanted to order. Their menus were already back on the table.  

I've always been picky. I don't love beans or many sauces. I found something, I thought I could eat, but what was "quesillo"?  My inner struggle began. I pondered, was it like "queso" (cheese)?  I am not a fan of brie and some other &quo…

You Might be a Qkids Teacher if...

Have you ever thought, I wonder if everyone teaching for Qkids does this? Well, wonder no more as Teacher Adalee takes us through this fun list.

1. If you find yourself giving everyone you meet a thumbs up or attempting to high five your waitress. 2. If you tell your significant other, “Great Job, I’m so proud of you” for taking out the trash. 3. If you go out in public and notice you are getting some strange looks and realize you are still wearing butterfly wings on your head. 4. If every mug you own looks like this. 5. If your morning routine goes somewhat like this 6. If this is your reaction every time you hear the sound of the standby ding. 7.  If your desk looks like this at the end of your classes.
8. If this is your reaction every time you see a gray tag on your feedback details.

9. If you’ve made this face while teaching an upper-level lesson.
10. If you die a little bit of happiness every time you see how cute your students are.
11. If you feel incredibly thankful to be teaching for…

What Has Qkids Done for Me?

Today we have another great article about what it's like to get hired to work for Qkids. Brittani was skeptical at first glance but chose to give us a chance. She never looked back. 

What Has Qkids Done for You?Ever since I started earning my own money at age seventeen, I have always worked within a child-like setting. This has meant working in daycare centers or becoming a nanny. All these things spark a passion within me, but when I became a mother, I knew I wanted to be with my children all the time. My main goal was to find something that I was passionate about, but still be able to stay home with my children. I tried many things, such as direct sales companies and none of them made me happy, at all. I was then searching the web and came across Qkids English. I must admit, at first, I was a little skeptical after reviewing the job description. I mean, what kind of job gives you the opportunity to teach the English language AND earn your pajamas? It seemed a little li…

My Most Memorable Moment in Qkids

Corey is a Qkids teacher from SW Florida who loves spending time and going on adventures with her husband and two boys. She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Psychology, her teaching certificate in Social Science and loves to grow and learn any chance she gets. A little known fun fact about Corey is that she is a beekeeper! She has been a family photographer for the past 10 years and loves to make people smile and share memories wherever she goes.
Who needs coffee when you have Qkids? I start almost every morning teaching online ESOL and it never fails to give me the boost I need to start my day as a stay-at-home mother of two boys. Expect the unexpected is my new morning mantra. I’ve had students who answer in robot voices, I’ve taught unicorns, and even twins who answer in unison. There is never a dull moment once I click that winking Momo icon on my desktop to start my day.

My most memorable class to date would have to be a 1v4 class that had three male students. Th…

When Teaching Meets Life

Today, more fun from the Qkids classrooms. We know some really funny situations arise in class, so we asked Julie to share a story with us. 

Julie is a work-from-home, homeschooling mom of three young boys. She is a marketing executive for a U.S. based online shopping club and earned her master’s degree in Environmental Studies. Her family is active in Cub Scouts and enjoys camping and gardening together.  

A Funny Story
As a work-from-home homeschooling mom, I enjoy spending most of my time with my kids. We love spending our time outdoors and learning about nature and wildlife. We like watching the seasons change throughout the year and exploring unique elements for each season. Currently, we are more than ready for warmer weather to allow us more time to play outdoors. Now that we have established my love for nature and the outdoors, let me tell you a funny story.
A Joyful Home
I am a work-from-home, homeschooling mom of three young boys so our home is always filled with energy. Addition…

Top 5 Experiences Working For Qkids

“Some say love at first sight is the most beautiful thing in the world. We asked our teachers to share with us what's been the most beautiful or sweetest experience that made them fall in love with all our Qkiddoes?" Here is Heather's answer for you all to enjoy.

Hello! My name is Heather and I am an online ESL teacher with Qkids. I am married and have 2 children ages 6 and 4. We love to be outside and we love to travel! I have been working for Qkids since April 2018, when I immediately fell in love with them. I have taught over 1200 classes with them so far! They are the best company out there and I am honored to be a part of their teaching community!
Well, I am not sure that I can share only one moment because there have been so many! Here are my top 5 experience with Qkids.

Experience 1 - Interviewing With QkidsLet’s get started, shall we? Back in April 2018, I found Qkids through another teacher. I was already familiar with teaching English as a Second Language online b…

What's the biggest impact Qkids has had on you or your life?

Tina Modugno is a children's book author and illustrator from Canada. She currently resides in the province of Quebec along with her cat Oreo (The Oreo Cat), who is a famous feline celebrity. Together Oreo and Tina create short family-friendly video content for popular online applications. Oreo's popularity has inspired Tina's writing and she's published various books featuring her fluffy black and white cat.  For more information about Oreo visit:
Tina's work:

I started working withQkids in March of 2018. My life was going through a drastic change causing a whirlwind of events that had a large effect on my future. My husband of 10 years announced that he wanted a divorce.  I had worked as an artist in the videogame industry but began to have problems with severe anxiety as a result. In 2010, I lost my job due to a mass company-wide layoff.  After losing my job, my ex-husband and I agreed that it would be best I not return to an …

Referring Teachers to Maximize Your Earning Potential

Recently many teachers have found that Facebook is blocking them from leaving their referral link in messages and posts. This seems to be a shift towards stricter enforcement of an existing rule. We know it has probably thrown a few of you so we asked one of our top referring teachers, Adalee, to give you some tips on how she gets around the policy and guides her candidates through the hiring process.

I love teaching for Qkids and have taught more than 1,500 classes. The pay for teaching is great but due to the time difference between North America and China it can be tricky time-wise for many teachers to teach classes in all of the time slots available. Referring friends and family to become Qkids Teachers is not only a wonderful way to bring joy into their lives but a great way to boost your earning potential as well. You can earn $100 per successful referral and that can really make a difference in your maximum monthly income. I have been referring and mentoring applicants for more …