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Brittani is a Qkids Teacher who loves to bring fun and games into the classroom with her. Here she tells us about how she creates an engaging and inclusive classroom for her students, no matter what time of day it is for them!

Let me introduce myself! I have three boys and a husband named Michael! We also have a Golden Retriever named Charlie. I have been a stay at home mother for most of my children's lives and thanks to Qkids, I am not only able to stay home with my three boys longer, but also do something I am truly passionate about. It's truly an honor to be involved with such an amazing company that works with my families crazy schedule! Qkids has brought so much happiness into my life and I am so thankful!

My role as a teacher with Qkids English has been nothing short of amazing since I was hired in October of 2018. I have taught many students and thoroughly enjoyed each class. Each student has a unique character and personalized learning style that makes my job as a teacher so rewarding. I have never encountered a dull moment and never been without a huge smile on my face after exiting the classroom while with Qkids!

How I Break The Ice

A very funny event that I personally experienced recently was during a lower level class with one of my students. The time change between my hometown and in China means that sometimes I teach in my evening and it’s their morning. Of course, the students are often just waking up, eating breakfast and are sometimes still very tired. With that said, I love to be very animated and engaged with my students all while building an individual bond with each student before class. I do this because I believe children learn better when they’re comfortable with their teacher. If a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn.

I tend to be very silly and fun because well children love it! What better way to learn than through FUN and a funny teacher? Particularly when the children are tired, I like to use visual props to engage them and help spark excitement and eagerness to learn within their brains before the lesson begins. 

This moment I had on what I like to call my “funny glasses”. I try to grasp each child’s reaction because it was morning for them, and it helps give me a hint of how awake and ready for the lesson they are. Depending on their reactions I can spend some more time waking them up with my antics and loud personality if needed as I want them to be engaged for class and ready to learn English.

While one of my students was looking at my funny glasses, he puts on his red glasses to be “like teacher.” I thought it was so funny and so cute! 

The little boy, his parents and I had the biggest smile when my student looked at me with such happiness, realizing he was “just like teacher.” It was one of the most rewarding, yet funny moments I’ve had as a teacher. We both wore our funny glasses for a few moments and laughed at each other! 

We really built a bond and we both had so much fun in class! The other students thought it was so funny too and this helps bring all the students to the same engagement level during the class. Children tend to always mirror one another, so seeing this little boy with his funny glasses also “mirrored” excitement and happiness onto the other three students in the class. It was overall an amazing class because we started off with funny glasses! Who would have thought funny glasses would make English so much fun?

Working with these children is a true passion of mine and each one of them put a smile on my face each morning! After work every morning, I start my day with a huge smile on my face. Qkids has really made life more fun and enjoyable place. I love “coming” to work each and every day and I look forward to making a difference in each and every child’s life I have the pleasure of teaching. Thank you Qkids English for everything you have done for not only me, as a teacher but every other teacher! We love you!

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