13 Things That Teaching for Qkids has Taught Me

This week we hear from longtime teacher and mentor of many of our newer teachers, Adalee.

Adalee lives in North Carolina and loves traveling. She is in her final semester for her Bachelor of Education and has years of teaching and tutoring experience. She is passionate about the education of Children, discovering new ways to grow as a teacher and is Kobys Number One Fan!

Thirteen Things That Teaching for Qkids Has Taught Me

As I reflect back on my experience teaching with Qkids, I think of all the ways that I have changed as a person, grown as a teacher and just the sheer number of things that I have learned. So, in honor of 1,500 classes taught and thirteen months of being a Qkids Teacher, here are the thirteen things I have learned in the past thirteen months as a Qkids Teacher. (this article in no way was inspired by Taylor Swift :D)

 1. I learned that I wish I would have started sooner.

Teaching online has brought me so much joy and I really wish that I could have started sooner. I saw so many posts about online teaching and often thought it was just a scam or I was not qualified. I wish I would have done the research earlier so I could have gotten hired and started teaching sooner.  I am really glad that you are doing this research and have found this blog, so you can hopefully get started today.

 2. I learned that teaching is not one size fits all.

I had to learn to adapt my teaching style to meet the needs of each of the students in my class. At first, I typically taught the entire class, and every class the exact same way. I quickly learned that we must adapt our teaching style and methods to individualize the class for our students. Sometimes this means having one student speak in full sentences because he is capable of doing so, and sometimes it means slowly guiding a student to form a sentence by building it one word at a time. And sometimes both of these students are in the same class, on the same day. Learning to adapt as teachers, to meet the needs of the students in our classroom will become one of our greatest strengths.

3. I learned that Children may not remember what you say but will always remember how you made them feel”.

Based on this I made it my goal every lesson to ensure that a student felt comfortable and confident in my classes.  Students learn better when they connect with you. When they understand that you are there to support, encourage and guide them, they thrive. So, although I absolutely want to strengthen their vocabulary skills and speaking abilities, I really want to strengthen their love of learning as well. I only see a student for half an hour and I want to ensure that when a class is over, the student not only has some newfound knowledge but some newfound love for learning English.

4.  I learned to fully utilize all of the awesome features and tools the Qkids platform has to offer. 

When I first started teaching with Qkids, I thought I had really mastered the platform and was using the highlighting wand continuously and giving the students stickers and masks on stage. The more I taught, the more I realized just how useful the platform tools are as teaching aids. The spotlight tool has become my best friend and I use it to highlight anything that I am currently referring to on the slide. The textboard is so useful for writing sentences to have students practice reading and the stickers are great to use throughout a lesson to encourage the students and even teach colors, counting, and shapes.

 5. I learned that the people who make up the Qkids staff are phenomenal and truly care about their teachers and students.  

I learned to reach out to them for advice or answers to questions. I can honestly say that in my 13 months with Qkids I have never had an unpleasant conversation with anyone who works at Qkids English. They have all been nothing short of amazing. 

6. I learned that my fellow Qkids teachers are simply amazing. 

I have metso many lovely, kind and supportive teachers through the Facebook groups and I recently did have the privilege to meet some Qkids teachers in person. It was an absolute pleasure. They say the key to growing as an educator is to keep company with teachers who uplift you, whose presence inspires you and whose dedication drives you, and you all are so inspiring, uplifting and driven. This community is made up of students, stay at home Moms and Dads, Brick and Mortar Teachers, retirees and many who work full-time jobs in many different fields and every teacher plays such an important role in ensuring student achievement.

7. I learned that learning a second language in many cultures can be vital to success.  

It is of utmost importance to many Chinese parents that their children learn to speak English because they know that learning English can open many doors for them in the future. It can open up educational opportunities to study abroad and It can create job opportunities (take the hiring, coaching and class coordination teams at Qkids for example)

 8. I learned that although learning another language is very beneficial, love has no language.  

Smiles are universal. Joy is contagious. At first, I was so nervous as to how I could teach students English if we did not speak the same language at all, but my fears were quickly erased as soon as I taught my very first class. When I first entered the Qkids classroom and saw their smiles, I was quickly smiling myself. When I saw their joy, I felt joyful. When I felt their love, I loved them in return. You do not need to speak the same language to express love and joy and share a smile.

 9. I learned the value of reflection. 

When I first started teaching, I felt pretty confident in my teaching abilities but quickly learned that I still had a lot to learn. I started the habit of self-reflection on my classes and my students. I learned a lot about what did not work through trial and error and made note of areas where I could improve. I carefully watched the training materials provided on the platform and the videos and advice from the Qkids Café group on Facebook. The students were doing their absolute best, and I knew I wanted to do my absolute best as well. 

10. I learned that Chinese food in China looks very different from what we eat here. 

And it looks far more delicious. The students often eat dinner while learning (dedication!) and sometimes watching them eat makes me really wish I could hop on a plane and join them for dinner.
Can someone pass the dumplings, please?  

 11. I learned that I am absolutely horrendous at pronouncing Chinese names and words. 

The students typically use English names, but occasionally a name will come up that I have no idea how to even begin to pronounce. I quickly ask, What is your name? to not embarrass myself but end up wholeheartedly embarrassing myself regardless. The sounds my ears are hearing, simply cannot come out of my mouth the same way. It gave me an entirely different perspective on just how difficult it must be for them to pronounce some English words. How does one really say the word desks?

12. I learned humility. 

I could write another post on the 1,500 Ways I have embarrassed myself in a Qkids class. Sometimes I may do a little dance with a student and see Mom laughing in the background or I pretend to speak in many different voices ranging from the low tones of a lion to the high pitch squeal of a pig. But somewhere along the way, I learned its all ok. I learned the parents understand the realness, the students appreciate the silliness, and everyone will have the embarrassing moments. When I stopped worrying about embarrassing myself and being perfect I could really enjoy and experience the class with my students. 

 13. I learned that Qkids changed my life. 

Before I discovered Qkids, I was a full-time student working a full-time job with a one and a half hour commute every single day. I was exhausted and really wishing I could find a job closer to home. Then I discovered Qkids and that I could work AT home! Qkids gave me the flexibility to travel, to spend more time outside doing the things I love, and to spend more time with the people I love. I am genuinely always happy to wake up and teach and see four little faces smiling at me. Yes, even at 5:00 am in the morning.

13.5 I learned that I really love mentoring new teachers. 

I would love to answer your questions and guide you through the hiring process. I have a Facebook group with a lot of how to videos and information. If you would like to apply to Qkids click here and please use my referral code MCUFFN. Also, look me up on Facebook so I can fully support you through the process. I will be happy to tell you more about the ways that teaching more than 1,500 Qkids classes has enriched my life.

Happy teaching! 
Teacher Adalee


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