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13 Things That Teaching for Qkids has Taught Me

This week we hear from longtime teacher and mentor of many of our newer teachers, Adalee. Adalee lives in North Carolina and loves traveling. She is in her final semester for her Bachelor of Education and has years of teaching and tutoring experience. She is passionate about the education of Children, discovering new ways to grow as a teacher and is Koby ’ s Number One Fan! Thirteen Things That Teaching for Qkids Has Taught Me As I reflect back on my experience teaching with Qkids, I think of all the ways that I have changed as a person, grown as a teacher and just the sheer number of things that I have learned. So, in honor of 1,500 classes taught and thirteen months of being a Qkids Teacher, here are the thirteen things I have learned in the past thirteen months as a Qkids Teacher. (this article in no way was inspired by Taylor Swift :D)  1. I learned that I wish I would have started sooner. Teaching online has brought me so much joy and I really wish that I could hav

Experience the Joy of Interactivity in Teaching English Online with Qkids

Here is Qkids teacher John, holding a PhD in Educational Technology he perfectly combines the two elements of the Qkids business! Read below for his insight into how to elevate teaching in an online classroom. I placed a small magic wand sticker beside each student's video screen. Then, I proceeded to ask them, "If you had a magic wand, what would you make?" When we got to Lisa's turn, she surprised me by saying, "I will give no eyes people eyes." This joyful moment came while teaching with Qkids . Our lesson was themed around the story of Cinderella. We were discussing the Fairy Godmother character and learning about the concept of turning one thing into another. If there's one thing I see more often than anything else in my teaching feedback from parents, it is the term "interactive." To me, interactivity describes a situation where we have people making contributions to and receiving feedback from an activity. This process r

Building Bonds with Props and FUN!

Teacher Blog Brittani is a Qkids Teacher who loves to bring fun and games into the classroom with her. Here she tells us about how she creates an engaging and inclusive classroom for her students, no matter what time of day it is for them! Hello! Let me introduce myself! I have three boys and a husband named Michael! We also have a Golden Retriever named Charlie. I have been a stay at home mother for most of my children's lives and thanks to Qkids, I am not only able to stay home with my three boys longer, but also do something I am truly passionate about. It's truly an honor to be involved with such an amazing company that works with my families crazy schedule! Qkids has brought so much happiness into my life and I am so thankful! My role as a teacher with Qkids English has been nothing short of amazing since I was hired in October of 2018. I have taught many students and thoroughly enjoyed each class. Each student has a unique character and personalized le