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Teaching Absolute Beginners

 Teaching  Absolute Beginners see, it's easy~ Hello fellow teachers and TGIF! Today ’s Top 5 Feature provides tips on how to work with “Absolute Beginners”. Absolute beginners are new learners of a language with limited to no background in the target language. This means that listening and speaking practice needs to be supported careful teacher talk and a mix of instructional strategies. Within Qkids, Phonics and L1-L3 are the levels where students will most likely face the struggles of absolute beginners. (Yes, even L2s and L3s may have limited abilities if they have only been exposed to the targets and structures within the Qkids curriculum and without practice in other settings.) 1)  With new words, show and tell before asking “What’s this?”  Then practice. It is a common instructional practice to “prime” students for 2-3 seconds, or get them to notice and think, before using the new language. Before using the magnify tool, consider using the spotlight tool a

7 Tips for Teaching English Online

7 Tips for Teaching English Online Teaching online brings with it a whole new world of challenges and complications that traditional education didn't have to deal with. But while the occasional technical issue can make a lesson frustrating to teach, overall the pros outweigh the cons. But how do you squeeze out the best in your classes as an online teacher? Listed here we have 7 tips for teaching English online . 1. Let the Students Do the Work This one almost seems obvious but it’s a fact of teaching that unless we self-monitor, teachers can end up giving students the answers rather than leading students to them. The more time a student engages with the materials the more they will learn. With this in mind don’t feel pressured to rush students to the answer. This may deprive them of the chance to make a deeper connection with the materials. Yet, even though you may guide students to answer more independently, it is still important to present new words for all levels, to