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Making a list and checking it twice!

-Commitment Offer-

Have you ever tried to tell someone about online teaching and they were like, "What is that?"

This year, Qkids noticed the same thing happening here in China. After school education is a huge cultural phenomenon here in China where competition for university places and jobs is fierce. So many parents drive their kids to and from extra classes, most days of the week. But why? With learning platforms like Qkids, their kids could study from home and get a better experience than one spent with 30 other kids in a classroom. Maybe they just dont know?!?

So this fall we got busy campaigning on national and local news channels to spread the word about online education and to show more families the benefits of online lessons. The response has been huge and with growing awareness, we think its very likely that a big increase in new students will be just around the corner. Many new families will be taking up this opportunity to try out online lessons with Qkids during the traditional Chinese holiday SEASON.

Please remember this is a temporary expected peak in students while we continue to inform and educate the Chinese public about the industry and its many benefits. 

Please write to CCT and let them know if you are willing to lock in your availability from January 21st - March 3rd, 2019, during the Peak Season, reflecting the maximum you could be interested in (e.g. 15 lessons, 30 lessons, etc). This will help you earn extra money and performance bonus after the holiday season as well as allow more students to try online classes and fall in love with Qkids teachers and content.

The nature of online education in China is still an extra-curricular option for most, with school terms dictating when students are free. This causes an ebb and flows effect for teachers, with term times being quieter than the holidays. But we do know that while kids are off school, it is the perfect time to introduce many to new forms of learning. For Chinese the New Year (notice the capitals) starts at the end of January and ends around mid-February with kids likely sticking with the platform for a few more weeks at least to really get a feel for it and see if it suits them. What happens after that? Well sadly we cant see the future but with luck and your amazing teaching skills many of these new students will fall in love with Qkids learning platform and make it a part of their educational strategy.

With this increase on the horizon, we want to make sure our loyal teachers, past, and current make the most of this chance to earn some extra money after the holiday season. Anyone who wants to sign up for extra hours during this period is welcome to inform their CCT contact. We know with the seasonal nature of online education in China some of you have waited for full schedules. Well now is your chance to not only fill them but even go beyond 100%!!!

So what do you do with this information? Well if you fall into either of the above categories: existing teacher or a previous teacher who stopped working with us recently, then please get in touch with the CCT team. 

If you are a current teacher you can add the subject line lOCK IN PEAK HOURS while if you are a previous teacher make the subject line "LOCK IN GIG". Let them know your teacher ID and highest estimated availability so they can get you set up and ready to go once the busy period starts!

Its taken a lot of effort but Qkids is fulfilling its promise to educate Chinese people about online education and the opportunities it can bring them. We want everyone to know how accessible it can be. We want to remove the fear of poor quality with our innovative platform and amazing teachers.

So stop reading and start sending those emails!!! 

Qkids Family

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