Qkids 2018 Summer Camp High5 - Marine Camp - Day Three

"I came to China to teach, yet I find myself leaving a piece of my heart in each of the children we taught. It is I who have learned so much, and my heart is full of memories."
- Teacher Cynthia
A sneak peek of what is to come with Teacher Suzanne's team

 A Day of Sailing and Talent

Today is a day of action and excitement, spanning from sailing on the open waters to a talent show featuring students performing magic, singing, and even dancing. So far, students have experienced archery, swimming, and bonding; however, it was time to take things to the next physical level.
The Teachers listening attentively as we explain the objectives of the day

The goals of today were simple -- We wanted to help students understand how sailboats worked, as well as understand how to describe them accurately in English. This includes words such as big, round, heavy, or flat, and the competitions that come with learning how these adjectives affect a boat's buoyancy.

Day 3 English Mastery

Everyone knew that later in the day we would be skimming the waves on sailboats. But we wanted students to be able to express what was happening and why, so we developed a curriculum that included aluminum foil boat construction and experimentation!

Cynthia's students explaining the basics
Nina, Rachelle, and Cynthia had an excellent idea: What better way to explain a big or small circle than by having students hold hands and make one? After all, trying and experiencing is one of the most effective forms of learning.

Nina's having a great time making a circle with the students
But maybe Rachelle and Cynthia are having an even better time!

William tackling the harder concepts with his student
Once the students understood the words and concepts, we had them create boats of aluminum foil in order to test what kind of boat performs the best. We had the teachers show how to construct a boat first to demonstrate and then allowed the students' creativity to blossom. Would the big and circular boat see success? Or would the large and flat boat steal the show?
Suzanne's demonstration had everyone curious
Boat-making can be harder than it seems!

Eventually we all got a good grasp of it!

Students awaited anxiously to test out their boats and see which performed the best
But what happens when students are finished testing their aluminum boats? When the tubs of water were filled to the brim with failed, sunk experiments, it was time to experience the real thing.

Sailing Begins!

The entire day students had anticipated sailing. Once the main event came along, we had everyone dash to the beach in their groups, and each teacher went with a different group. Even better, the boats were piloted by professionals who wanted to maximize the experience. They would bring the boats to the edge of the waters, bringing a sense of thrill and excitement that can only be shown below!
To the beach and back again!
Suzanne's students appreciating the glide of the wind

William's team teetering on the edge of the water

Nina's team bracing for acceleration

After being splashed by another boat, Suzanne's group vowed to splash them back! 
Rachelle's group appreciating the breeze over the ocean!
Smiles and energy captured in a photo, William's group enjoyed the trip!
How high can Rachelle's group go? Can we go even higher?
How about.. this!
Cynthia's team was determined to touch the green balls
After an action packed day of sailing, many of the students and teachers were ready to call it a day; however, we aren't done yet! We still have a talent show to watch and enjoy. We packed our sails and dried our swimsuits as we trudged back into the classrooms for our final activity of the day.

The Talent Show

The talent show featured some of our students and their finest talents. We had an incredible variety of talent. Some students were performing singing acts as a group, while others showed off dance styles and routines. We even had students perform magic tricks, waltz, and opera! Without further delay, our talent shows begins now:
Two of our students auditioned to be the announcers, leading the event with schedules and organization

First up, the camp instructors prepared a fantastic medley to inspire the students!

Did you see? If you blinked, you may have missed this magic trick, featuring a sleight of hand!

One of our students performed a classic opera piece, important to the history of China

A combo to perform a guitar piece for us!
A group of our younger boys teamed up to sing one of their favorite hits

Not to be outdone, so did the girls! (with fun disco lights)

Our older boys brought in an instructor to lead this slow piece, and we had the audience swaying their hands along to it

Singing seems easy until you're on stage and everyone is watching -- But our boys nailed it!

It wasn't all singing though, as we had a hit dance number from some of our talented boy groups

Did we mention there was a waltz? There was a waltz -- And our student absolutely nailed it.

Wrapping Up The Day

It's always a sad thing to see a fun day end, but our students did an incredible job of handling a day packed full of anxious but exciting activities. Halfway through the camp, students still have to tackle a showcase, kayaking, and balance paddle boating. Stay tuned to see how our teachers and students maneuver the upcoming days and what kind of fun we had together! 


Until next time!

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