Happy Thanksgiving 2018

A whole year has gone by so quickly! It was exactly one year ago we posted a video from our Xiamen and Guangzhou offices to thank you all for your hard work. We wanted you to be able to see your partners here at Qkids, working with you to deliver excellent education to thousands of young learners of English. Now its that time of year again for us to say a big thank you to our American teachers at this special time of the year.

A lot has changed over the last 365 days for Qkids. We have lots more students and teachers for a start! This time last year we had a small but strong team of teachers working tirelessly to bring top quality education to our many many young learners who come online to not just study English but connect with the world outside their boarders. Now we have thousands of teachers bringing that global connection to many more thousands of students every single day. Over the next year we hope to be able to grow even larger with your help.

Another change is the size of our teams here in China. With our growth of our students and teachers, our hiring and coaching staff needed to grow too. In fact we grew so big we needed to move out of the office you saw in our video from last year and into much bigger (and cooler offices. We have a slide between the 2nd and 3rd floor!!!). Now our new office can hold more than twice the staff, to work closely with you and provide the support you need to become the best teachers you can.

The service range to our students has increased too. We have new lessons for our higher levels in the L series course and a phonics course to really help students with those tricky sounds that make learning English so hard sometimes. Even more exciting, our new one on one course is being tested by teachers now. Its proving a huge hit with our students so with luck it will be ready for a bigger role out in the coming few months. We are also working on other offerings to really meet the needs of our students so keep your eyes and ears open.

But with all that innovation we know its not always been smooth sailing. We work hard to make the introductions of new products and updates as seamless and smooth as possible however it doesnt always work perfectly first time round. From technical issues to tricky students in a class, we know our teachers do so much and handle it all with such good grace. That is why we want to say a big thank you to all of you for sticking with us and persevering, even when things sometimes dont work exactly as planned.

Sometimes change is hard, but it is always necessary to grow. And thats what we are doing, growing together. Whether its growth in our teacher numbers (you guys are amazing when it comes to referrals, keep it up!), growth in our software or growth in our offices here in China, each step is making us better, allowing us to provide better lessons to our young students and make a difference in their lives forever!

So this Thanksgiving we here at Qkids want to say that we are thankful to have the best teachers in America working for us and supporting our vision to bring English to kids all over China. You get up early and go to bed late! Some of you are studying, or raising a family with kids of your own. You might be caring for sick relatives! Or maybe you are just living your life, your way, flexible and in control. Whatever the reason, we thank you for choosing Qkids to be your partner in the journey with you. And because just writing about it is no where near good enough, the hiring and coaching teams in Xiamen and Guangzhou have made a special message just for you! So work hard, play hard and see you in the class rooms again soon.

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