2019 Qkids Winter Camp High-5 Detailed Announcement

2019 Qkids Winter Camp High-5

How would you like to visit China and the Qkids Headquarters?! How would you like the chance to meet Qkids students in person?! Do you want to put your online teaching skills to the test by facilitating fun learning and camp activities with the students and our helpful Chinese staff?

Then we have GREAT news! It is time to get ready to apply for our 2019 Winter Camp High-5! We will be reviewing applications and inviting between eight to thirteen teachers to join us for Qkids Camp High-5 this winter 2019! We hope you can join us too!


About This Trip

Trip duration: The organized trip under Qkids will last from January 20th  to January 30th , 2019 (China time).

Camp site:  Xiamen, Fujian Province
Additional sites to visitQkids Headquarters, Xiamen, Fujian Province

Participants: Qkids teachers and students, Qkids staff, camp trainers, and support membersTimeline: See attachment 1Camp schedule: See attachment 2


What is Qkids Camp High-5 about?

Qkids Camp High-5 educates, entertains and enlightens while providing an opportunity for Qkids educators and students to interact in person!

What do you do during this camp?

The camp time includes a brief teacher training period to prepare for camp activities, followed by teaching and camping activities with Qkids students. Your role will be to facilitate activities and help guide students in becoming more open and exploratory learners throughout their camping experience.

What are we doing before and after the Camp High-5 experience?

Attend camp training before camp starts.
Visit Qkids Headquarters and participate in the production of new marketing materials as well as doing some sightseeing before or after the camp. 

How long is the camp?

Six days. Participating teachers will be informed of the detailed instructions of the required arrival date to Xiamen in Fujian province at least one month before the trip.

How long is this trip?

To participate in this trip, you need at least 12 days availability from January 20th to January 30th, 2019 (China time). Please see attachment 1 below. 

How are the classes set up during the Camp High-5?

Each team is expected to consist of 1 Qkids teacher, 8 students, and 1 camp support member. However, class and teaching arrangements may vary depending upon the total number of students registered. Qkids will make sure that you are prepared with all relevant information for teaching in the pre-camp training. There will be Qkids staff and camp trainers for everyone’s assistance.

Can I continue visiting China after the Qkids trip?

Yes, you may stay as long as your visa allows, but you will be responsible for all expenses outside of the organized trip.

What are my expenses?

Qkids management is responsible for most trip expenses including Visa application fees, return flight tickets of economic class as well as hotel, food, and insurance during the camp.

How do I book my flight and hotel?

1. Flight: 
     You will be allotted  $1,000 USD, which should be at or above the total price for both your round-trip flight and Visa fees. This amount should be transferred to your bank account no later than January 15th, 2019. Our staff will be there to help you transit to a hotel from the airport . Your return date can be flexible (as long as it is any day after our organized trip).

2. Hotel: Qkids staff will help book the hotel for you.

What do you get from this trip?

1. Exciting camp agenda with kids.
2. Sightseeing, food, and cultural exploration.
3. Visiting Qkids’s Headquarters and sharing ideas with top Qkids staff
4. Last but not least, an additional $1000 USD as your allowance (apart from the first $1000 which covers the expenses for flight and visa). This additional  amount will be transferred to your bank account before February 15th, 2019.

Application Process

What are the application requirements?

1. Being an active teacher with Qkids for at least 6 months (counting backward from January 2019, i.e. joined Qkids before August 2018).
2. Teaching experience in a physical classroom set-up, or an excellent ability to handle group activities.
3. Hold a Bachelor degree or above, or currently attending a university program.
4. English teaching certificate is a big plus!

What are the application materials?

1. Resume and certification (if any)

2. Sample Activity Plans (Max 200 words):
You will have a task book and planned project activities. But you will need to help plan a few things once you arrive. You will be asked to suggest songs, games, and playful activities to add to the schedule.
For the activity plans we would like you to make 2 recommendations for group songs and 2 recommendations for large group games.

3. Sample Showcase Plan (max 500 words):
You will teach and lead four days of nature-themed hands-on activities. Each day you have 1 hour and 40 minutes for the regular planned activity, and twenty minutes that can be dedicated to helping the students get ready for a showcase on the fifth day.

We need to know that you have what it takes to plan and rehearse a creative showcase with 7 to 12-year-olds. Performing and doing showcases are common for Chinese students, but we would like to see your planning skills.

In 500 words or less, share mock lesson plans for a showcase or give us a summary to show us ***How**** you will  plan, practice, and rehearse with the students. (You pick the nature focus for the application)  
***Note: Speeches, reports, demonstrations, dancing, singing, acting, and more are great ways to do a showcase.

4. Submit a Video: 
      We need a 5 to 10-minute demo video including the following two parts. The first part will be used for families to learn more about you if you are chosen. The second part is your audition and will be used for our staff to decide whether you will be a good fit for this camp.

*** Please do not hesitate to be creative, outgoing and use out-of-the-box thinking for both parts if that suits you.

1) Introduction of yourself and greetings to students with a brief showcase
Name (what should the kids call you)
Where you live and how far away from China  (Perhaps show a picture or globe)
Some personal facts and hobbies
A brief showcase of a talent you have (e.g. singing, dancing, painting, sports, etc)

2) Demo interactions with kids
Since the camp will be a project-based and hands-on nature camp, we want to see how you can show off in nature.

Please find a way to record how you might present ideas and interact with students if you were leading a nature walk, a scavenger hunt, or a lesson related to nature. You can demonstrate in your video what your speaking style, teaching style, delivery, and use of materials might be like as a camp guide and teacher.
Remember that this is still a language learning experience, so try to show you can make things easy-to-follow too!

How to apply?

Please send your application materials to camphigh5@qkids.cn BEFORE November 30th, 2018 China Time. The email subject must be: Camp High5_Winter2019_Full Legal Name_Your Teacher ID.

* Teachers who attended previous Qkids camp are welcome to reapply.
* If there are any accommodation you might require (regarding diet, allergies, illness, etc.), please inform us through the application process. 

Other Documents We Need if You Are Selected
  • Camp Agreement
  • Copy of your passport and visa
  • Background check report 
  • Health record 

Attachment 1  Timetable

Date (China Time)
Application and selection process
Application starts
Application deadline
Announce finalists
December 6-25, 2018
Confirm participants list and wait-list
Travel preparation
December 25, 2018-January 10, 2019
Flight reservation and visa application
January 11-15, 2019
Final confirmation
January 20-23, 2019
Teachers Arrival& Pre-camp training
Camp High-5 in Xiamen
January 23-28, 2019
Camping in Xiamen
January 29-30, 2019
Visiting Qkids Headquarters and possible sightseeing in Guangzhou/Xiamen

Attachment 2 - Camp Schedule and Activities

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6

Nature-themed English Class: Preparing for an Outdoor Adventure
Jungle Adventure
Nature-themed English Course: 1. Harmony between Humans and Nature        2. Understanding Our Nature Surroundings and Animals
Nature-themed English Course:Our Natural Surroundings and Survival
Achievement Show& Farewell Party
Camp Opening Ceremony;Creative Workshop;Team Building Activities
Scavenger Hunt
Nature-themed English Course: Observing Our Natural Surroundings and Plants
Pioneer Project: Building a Tent at Field

Camp Welcoming Party; Handicrafts Workshop
Chinese New Year Dorm Decoration Party
Eco-friendly Fashion Show& Rewards Ceremony (Clothing Design with Recycled Materials)
Carnival at Camp
Camp Fire Party

Questions?  camphigh5@qkids.cn


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